How to Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Dubai

Posted On 11-Apr-2021

How to Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Dubai

How to ride a camel in desert safari Dubai? Many international visitors when experiencing desert safari Dubai for the first time. They ask this question, while the quick and simple answer is. Always listen to what your guide tells you to ride a Camel. There is no better animal than the noble Camel to explore the desert dunes of Arabia. If you are a beginner, the first thing first is to be calm and comfortable. Because riding on this animal is not a difficult thing. In this blog, we brought some tips for your better understanding so without any further ado. Let’s check out.

Tip # 01 - Wear a Long Pant/Trouser

Since you are a novice, always wear long pants/trousers or long socks to protect your skin. Riding on a camel is significantly different from riding on a horse. Because this animal’s hairs can graze your legs. The Camel conveniently bends down, letting you swing your leg and sit down. But the guide will help you when the animal stands up. The period will be scary for 2 seconds, so don’t think deeply. Besides pants/trousers, wear sunglasses or a hat to protect your face from the sun. Wear a scarf to protect your face from dust storms in the desert safari.

Tip # 02 - Riding Comfortably

Once you are settled to ride, the guide will let you know the “get ready” signal. Just sit nicely and make your legs up and cross. When the Camel is getting its front/back legs around a saddle post, wrap your legs to look like a pro. Then everyone around you on the tour will think that you have done this ride a hundred times before.

Tip # 03 - Give Your Camera/SmartPhone to Other While Riding

This is one of the most important things since you will be riding against the Arabian dunes. The difficult thing is to take pictures while riding. Leave your phone or Camera with your trainer and ask to click your pictures. Because the hardest thing is the click button and the camel will not stop for you. So if you want to make your experience memorable and unique must follow this tip.

Tip # 04 - Get the Camel Comfortable Before Ride

If you are comfortable with the animal of the desert. Then you are not going to be the most pleasant ride of your life. You may experience some pain in your tailbone, as it's not used to such a development and pressing factor. Bring a pain reliever with you to avoid this situation.

Tip # 05 - Let Yourself Swing with the Camel

This ride is irregular, herky-jerky, and odd. Instead of fighting it, you need to swing according to the animal. Swing yourself back and forth, while holding a saddle for support. Do not try to control the animal, it will make the animal unhappy. While getting off, use the saddles to push yourself up, swing your leg to one side, and simply jump off.