Kite Beach - An Essential District in Dubai

Posted On 09-June-2022

Evaluated one of the promising society beaches. Kite Beach Dubai is real to its word. Asunder from surviving a sanctuary for kite surfers. The shore requires guests everything related to water entertainment activities. Besides, unique food trucks sun clubs and purified shore sand.

So, what is the narrative of Kite beach Dubai? Does that have kite surfers, viewers and formal beachgoers fascinated to enjoy Summer in Dubai? Here is everything you desire to comprehend to prepare the maximum of your excursion to this amazing public place.

Kite Beach

Things to Explore in Kite Beach Dubai

There are multiple relaxations and fulfilled things to do at Kite Beach. Along with the Insta excellent locale, gum, and library. Besides, a surplus of shopping and dining alternatives. There is never a depressing minute, you will find it in Kite Beach, Dubai. It is counted as e of the decent surfing locations in the UAE.

Here are some water activities, that will reap your adrenaline.

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Water Activities:

Kite Beach is represented as the leading place for water activities in Dubai. Many assistants around this beach. Offers rental material and practice for numerous water founded workouts. By having this thing in the psyche, here are some of the biggest Kite Beach water-based activities in Dubai.


This beach is a distinguished haunt for Kite Surfers. A crazy ride and a full-body exercise on the water curls. That’s what describes a day of kitesurfing at Kite Beach. Didn’t accomplish it with the freedom backpack?

No concerns – there is furthermore a kitesurf store in the neighbourhood. Having a meadow of quality surfboards, kites and additional similar articles on appeal. Memorize, travellers contending to be a skilled candidateste. Which may be compelled to generate certificates before they can borrow gear.

If you are anxious about your absence of an experienced workout. You will be pleased to understand that the beach has capacities for novice candidates. The Kitesurf School Dubai submits courses and exercises for strangers who are fresh the athletics. You can join here from 7 Am to 7:30 AM.


If kite surfing is extremely outrageous for some individuals. They can go for a comfortable paddle boarding experience. Suffer alert paddleboards (SUPs) are a susceptible selection. For families glancing for prudent water-based movements. However, Boards are vacant for the individuals. Experience this activity solo, double or in a group.

The rental rate relies on the category of luggage and SUP compelled. Assistance like Kite N Surf extends the training on the Beach.

Kayaking Experience:

For a further serene understanding, contract a kayak. Accessible a whole week, there are dealers in Kite Beach. They are proposing numerous solitary and double-seat kayaks for rent. This kayaking experience will give you another level of satisfaction. So, whether you prefer to drive the waves single-handed or grab a vigorous cruise for the duo, the intention is yours.

Assistance like Kite N Surf demands kayaking at the shore. Here are the anticipated prices.

  • The expense of 1-hour sole kayak rental is 60 AED
  • The expense 1-hour dual kayak rental is 80 AED
  • The expense of a 1-hour team kayak rental is 50 AED

An Amazing Water Park Visit:

Kite Beach gives a residence feel if youre looking for Splash N Party Waterpark. Called the "coolest and greatly fascinating" waterpark on the shore. If you're looking for a Dubai city tour, then this personal district is a tremendous landing for children. Moreover, it’s a decent selection for parents glancing for child-friendly water workouts on this waterfront.

There are miscellaneous waterside circumstances to experience as the options. The waterfront greets circumstances like birthday festivities and requests numerous entertainment deals for clients. From splash pillows to slips in the water, this waterpark has all conditions for families to admire.

Entry Fee & Timings:

  • 100 to 150 AED (One adult brings unrestricted entry)
  • 50 AED for an additional adult

The timing is 03:00 PM - 07:00 PM (from Sunday to Thursday)

Besides 03:00 PM - 09:00 PM (from Friday & Saturday)

Some Additional Activities on Kite Beach Dubai

This waterfront is an attraction for visitors starting with the excellent seaside knowledge in Dubai. Still, that is not only a thing. Here is a flow of additional activities on the most amazing place's facilities to request. Which are following

The Skate Park Visit:

Whether you are a professional in skateboarding, a student or somebody who wishes to stare at skaters in litigation. You will wish to discern what’s in supply at the XDubai skate park at the waterfront. Assembled for the learner to professional skaters, the park is assigned on a favourable coast. Along with different skate regions for learners and experts. The area is similarly delightful if all you crave to perform is to stare. But … sentinel for skilled skateboarders executing the extensively tremendous tricks.

The price of entry tickets is 45 AED for a day pass. Besides, 1000 AED for a yearly pass and an XGrounders membership

The Timings are 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm and 06:00 pm to 09:30 pm on Sunday to Thursday.| Likewise, 08:00 am to 11:30 am | 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm and 06:00 pm – 9:30 pm on Friday & Saturday.


There are various volleyball benches circulated on the shore. Besides some leagues establish tournaments during the whole year. It hinges on when you tour, you may buy the opportunity to detect expert performers on duty. You can constantly tinker with your buddies and family. Please remark that benches are restricted so you may expect to receive there ahead to contend your area.

A Paradise for Book Lovers:

If you have eternally dreamed about thumbing via a paperback. Along with the noise of wrecking water waves as the voiceovers. You are luckily come to the right place. here is a coast library as well. Novels and other books are accessible in English. As well as in Arabic for kids and adults too. Want to know the best part? You can admire all books learning for free.

Dining Option at the Kite Beach Dubai:

There are different cafeterias in the most essential district to eat from. From healthful breakfasts and amazing desserts to regional favourites and epicurean burgers. There is every food variety available for every cuisine lover at Kite Beach. Go for delicious chargrilled chicken at JJ Chicken, and enjoy hot dogs at "This is Hot Dog". Besides, enjoy Italian cuisine at "Kimbo Espresso Italiano"

Attend that up with a coffee cup or spoons of your beloved ice cream at the famous place "Haagen-Dazs". For an additional dining experience for kids, general to "Carnival Treats". Which assigns summaries like slushies, Turkish ice cream, popcorn etc.

Food Trucks:

Talking about child-friendly experiences, ensure that you create an option B for the food trucks. Assessed one of the promising food trucks in the city of Gold. Where the vehicles are a basic magnet the amazing place. Proposing a span of cookeries, the colourful trucks peddle every dining option. Including juicy burgers, ice cream to sushi. However, there are different waterside diners available. So, ensure to try on this seaside experience also.


Salt has different trucks across the townlet. The waterfront is one of the extensively traditional settings. Brad's immaculate steel truck is a lasting detail here. To detailed with an outside porch. Top on over for a flavour of their isolated or dual particular burgers. Or their popular ice creams, which are extremely soft and flavour full.