Butterfly Garden Dubai - Over 15,000 Butterflies Live There

Posted On 17-Feb-2022

Butterfly Garden Dubai - Over 15,000 Butterflies Live There

Who won’t be fascinated by the thousands of multicoloured butterflies flapping around in their organic surroundings? Butterfly Garden Dubai, which was founded in 2015, obtains it to actuality!

Aren’t we all familiar with Dubai’s surprising wonders and architecture? The city of Gold is praised as the creative capital of the globe. From the groundbreaking buildings like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis the Palm etc to the luxurious experiences like desert safari Dubai rides. The golden city of the UAE holds you on your toes. But, the lovely attractions at Butterfly Garden Dubai is an entirely new world. This one-of-a-style interest is a place of colourful fantasies.

Here is a glance of what occurs inside Butterfly Garden Dubai:

Dubai Butterfly Garden Detailed Overview

Dubai Butterfly Garden is an element of the world-renowned Miracle Garden. It is thorough indoor and is accommodated within ten domes. There is multiple species form that welcomes you to this theme park, and once you head inside. You will discover butterflies of different shades. The way to Dubai Butterfly Garden is the greatest of unnatural butterflies beautified with flowers.

The path suggests that you have reached multiple unique homes in the world. Which is especially for these flashy companions. The Butterfly Garden is a realistic development of the Miracle Garden. Which is residence to millions of flowers. Blooms charm butterflies and bees for their shelter and nectar. Which is the most essential element in abundance.

What is it?

Crossing more than 6000 square metres, Butterfly Garden Dubai is the planet’s biggest covered garden with butterflies. It is well planned and located in Miracle Garden in Dubai city, Which is itself surrounded by multiple wildflowers. It is designed and conceptualised by the exact minds. That Having created the paradise of flowers., It presents a refreshing pause from the urban heat and chaos.

House to ten customised, produced, climate-collected domes. This whole butterflies’ place ensures you a memorable experience. To start from rainbow coloured to the interestingly rare. It is overflowing with over 15,000 beautiful winged flies. Its exceptional vision and scenic landscape have assembled the world to shift its leads.

Its Surprising Secrets:

There is a beautiful pelletized curtain that shows you the eye-catching views of butterflies. In the beginning, you will be very overwhelmed because you won’t discover any beautiful winged flies at all. You would locate the following spiralling floral arrangements and ivy from floor to ceiling. You are yet examining the inaccessible winged flies. Then it transpires! You are unexpectedly hauled into a region of butterflies. Where you will get to see everywhere. Such as on leaves, on flowers and all near you.

The encounter of seeing multiple butterflies of various hues. Besides, different shapes and sizes are thrilling. But the most promising is yet to appear. The Butterfly Garden enjoyed giving you an impressive experience with gorgeous winged flies. So, as you stroll past the crown, you will see earned belvederes.

Where you can carry these beauties and click selfies and make video reels with them. This venture is extremely impressive as nowhere place on the globe. You will also get the moment of grabbing winged flies and will have a look at these beautiful insects so closely. Besides, they are so innocent and harmless.

Why You Should Visit Butterfly Garden Dubai?

It is one of the top promising attractions of the golden city of UAE. Where you can encounter nature in its properest condition. As the creatures flew by your hand, shoulders and hairs. You will encounter yourself smiling and chuckling your heart release. It’s a breathtaking scream of rich colour and chirpy sound in an animated atmosphere.

This eye-catching attraction moves out the red carpet for visitors and international travellers during the winter season. Now there are other electrifying wonders during summertime. Desire a genuine break from the elevated temperatures as you dip into this indoor attraction. It is preserved at an agreeable 24 degrees Celsius, flawless for local and international travellers. To roam during daytime in the summer season.

The garden is always available 365 days a year. It is extensive sufficient to populate 300 travellers at one visit. It brings approximately an hour to complete a round of this area and be served with pleasure.

Butterfly Garden Dubai - Things to Do

Domes Tour:

  • Its jungle-like, luxuriant atmosphere is encouraged by a greenhouse. Catch an attractive field of pupae and butterflies belonging to over 50 species. Emanating from Asia, Africa and Latin America. It puffs the most significant species of Blue Morpho. It is pleasing to admire the American butterfly Anteos Clorinde. Which is the white-winged creature. Wait till you encounter the enormous Owl Butterfly, which extends up to 65-200mm.
  • It is crafted in a circular shape and organised into 10 interconnected, versatile and domes. Where separately one of them will depart you captivated. Relish and relax in its serenade and charming milieu.
  • Some other favoured butterflies that you can explore are Monarch, Red Rim, African Queen, Archaeoprepona Demophon, Doris, Tailed Jay, Orange Oakleaf, Great Eggfly, Golden Birdwing and Clipper.
  • Every dome features hygienic and peaceful pavilions. Where people can relax, sit back and watch them fluttering and tracking around. Their precious actions will push you to bring out the camera, strike a pose and click pictures with them. Recognize to be susceptible towards nature.
  • You will get to discover 15 food stations and turning trays sprinkled around. Where butterflies straddle on the nectar. Such as weed and bush. It is magnificent to smear the butterflies providing food on syrups. Also, some fruits also, which are watermelon, pineapple and mangoes.

Enhance Your Senses with Edutainment Venture:

Do you have an idea that there are moths and butterflies everywhere, excluding Antarctica? That’s a surprising disclosure! Let you understand more and be immersed. There is an Insect and Butterfly Museum that carries many trivia about the amazing species. Like these lovely winged creatures. There is also in-depth details and presentations. You can visit the exploration of a species growing and caterpillars crawling through each step. Kids are excited to glimpse at the fascinating modification. Where the guides around are known to answer your inquisitive mind.

Best Time to Visit at Dubai Butterfly Garden:

The Butterfly Garden welcomes everyone all year round. The perfect time to explore is during the winter season. Such as from October to February. The golden city of UAE has a mild and windy climate.


Shift towards a remarkable side of Dubai. Tick off at the Dubai Butterfly Garden. It’s an excellent place in this golden city to visit with your loved ones. However, there is more recreational stuff to do in the area. Buy your Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets in just 55 AED and have the best time with your friends and family.