Green Planet Dubai - An Indoor Bio-Dome Tropical Rainforest

Posted On 03-Mar-2022

Green Planet Dubai

After the amazing inventions in Dubai, here arrivest the Green Planet to amaze you. There is no other attraction like it in the whole Middle East. It is a kinda bio-dome that plays the rainforest. Consisting of over 3000 species of flora and fauna. It got a futuristic, thought-process and never-tiring verve. Which create one of the most-visited tourist goals. Amongst its worth of mind-boggling and jaw-dropping interests is the green planet-indoor rainforest Dubai. It is an impressive recreational opening that presents a tremendous interactive knowledge experience for visitors of all age groups. Where its breathtaking visit will honestly cheer you to the Amazon.

The Green Planet Dubai - Detailed Overview of Nature

Bragging an astonishing edutainment vision, The Green Planet means an oasis in the Arabian desert. it is the one & only indoor bio-dome tropical rainforest in Dubai city created by Meraas. It portrays one of the ancientest rainforest and living ecosystems in the world. Which is based in an enclosed complex. It steps into the magnificent display of flora and fauna. Especially, when it presents you to the marvels of tropical rainforests.

Why it is the Must-Vist Attraction?

You can witness all these lovely species of plants and animals right in the golden city of the United Arab Emirates. The Green Planet Dubai is a memorable bio-dome, also it is the one and only attraction in the Middle East that fetches the rainforest nearer to the residence. It is an immaculate academic and recreational space for all.

Having a cosy and secure environment assures every age groups love the dealings with the animals. Unlike a museum or zoo, the breathtaking venture encourages more satisfactory learning. So the children and youngsters never forget that meeting with a tamarin monkey.

It is a family-friendly attraction that plays the glamorous planet of forests. Along with more than 3,000 animals & plants are living under its shelter. Besides, it is the lovely encounter of the butterflies, snakes, birds, snakes and frogs. Also, discover the bat cave, explore the sloths dangling by the trees. Last but not least, the impressive camping by the waterfall.

In short, everything examines like an exotic plant planet in favourably influenced states. Fascinate your eyes skinned for the most extensive life-sustaining but man-made indoor tree in the world.

Green Planet Dubai Entry Fee:

The ticket price is 125 AED where you’re also eligible to book your tickets online. The Green Planet Dubai no doubt is the best place to do such crazy things as you have never done before for sure. Such as

  • Meet your dread as you visit the bat cave.
  • Overlook the bugs and reptiles living in their wild habitat. From geckos, lizards, chameleons, to millipedes, roaches, Tarantula, and worms.
  • Glimpse through the mixed displays at the Australian Walkabout.
  • Outline the multicoloured bird species

Number of Zones:

The bio-dome is constructed of four levels in the Green Planet.

  • The Midstory
  • The Canopy
  • The Flooded Rainforest
  • The Forest Floor

Each group has a notable feature and narrates its value in the rainforest. Its centre consists of the 82-foot man-made elevated tree covered with figs and vines. That assembles a prosperous background for a field of animals, respectable from sloths and snakes to toucans, lizards, geckos and bugs. You will be satisfied to comprehend that none of the species and animals here is witnessed from the wild. The majority of them are locomoted from private breeders and Zoos.

Neighbourhood Experience:

The Green Planet Dubai is folded in between the crowded roadways of the renowned lifestyle neighbourhood CityWalk. You can appreciate a superb meal or enjoy a shopping romp before or after witnessing the rainforest travel. The other nearest milestones possess Mattel Play Town and Hub Zero Dubai.

Best Encounters in the Green Planet Dubai

You will get to witness hangar-sized malls, endless desert, sky-piercing agriculture, miles of coastline and so many best encounters at the Green Planet in Dubai. It’s a moment you engage yourself in the leafy indoor forest.

1. Snorkel with Piranhas:

Your entry ticket for a full day will deliver you a significant exciting prospect to buzz by many of the red-bellied Piranhas found in the swimwear. That moment is an adrenaline-rush as the Piranhas are on their feeding timetable when they will be consuming turkeys and chickens.

Utilising their sharp teeth in a moment. You don’t have to fear as all of this occurs at a distance of 2 metres from you. Under the supervision of instructors to ensure your safety.

2. Howdy for Swimmers:

Your voyage starts with an entrance into the soaked rainforest. That is also called a passage of aquariums. It is residence to notable amphibians and marine-based creatures. Including fishes, Arowana, stingrays. tortoises and arapaima. Do you what is the best part? they are generally discovered in underwater equatorial surroundings.

3. Camping Area:

Let those small adventurers fetch a plunging sense into the rainforest via overnight camping. There are comfy tents and relaxing bedding available. Where you can lay down and survey the animal's actions. Brace yourself on the alive manner of night animals. Besides, learn some survival techniques.

Later, witness a movie with a bowl of marshmallows. Have a peaceful sleep under the sparkle lights, relax in the shadow of trees and sense charmed listening to the melodious coos.

4. A Thunderstorm Experience:

Try a snow ski and sense the thunder in the golden city of the United Arab Emirates. I know this is already giving you an exciting vibe. Because these things get to experience once in a blue moon. The Green Planet is surrounded by torrential overflows.

That thunderstorm is strengthened by strong breezes, electric sparkles and thunders. On the other side, the high-tech video and audio effects give the exact vibes of real tropical thunderstorms. This thrilling season is designed between 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM and happens five-time within the duration.

5. Summer Camping Fun:

The Green Planet presents an amazing array of summer camp activities every year. Let the developing biologists and flora lovers enjoy their memorable time. Drink in the broadcaster of funfilled activities and presentations.

Where youngsters can relinquish in fantastic skill and craftwork. Besides, grab an opportunity to learn about the engendered species. Move on scavenger searches, spend your time witnessing nature and rest under the canopy of enjoyment.

6. Encounter Nocturnal Animals:

When the day curves down, nocturnal animals evolve more engaged. Witness them live in movement via walkthrough. Such as Slow Loris. Capture them walking with their family. Have thoughtful big eyes & ears for sharp panorama. They make a sound in the night.

Also, meet with other nocturnal animals like Carpet pythons, Lace monitors, Marine toads, Burmese Pythons and the Laughing Kookaburra. You will also get to finds here that the day and night revolutions are handled in an opposite direction. Such that when there will be a day outside, the nocturnal animals are undergoing nighttime.


7. Know Sustainability:

The bio-dome is extremely prosperous in wildlife, vegetation, aviaries and plants. Predominantly they are evergreen but weak. It is a wake-up ring for all visitors to comprehend the procedures of preservation.

As well as, the survival of these delicate forests and their citizens. The recreational-cum-academic establishment is assembled to rescue nature and enhance understanding of the atmosphere. The team is on the track to respond to your questions.

Finish Line:

The Green Planet is the best indoor tropical rainforest in Dubai. It glances like an astonishing vision and delivers everyone a behind-the-scenes of wildlife and nature. If you’re a resident or visit Dubai during the summer must visit here.