Creek Park Dubai - Browse an Exhaustive Guide

Posted On 15-June-2022

Creek Park Dubai fabricates on the horizon of the area of Dubai creek. Which attaches the ocean trading sanctuary to the Arabian Desert. As it upholds throughout the interior of the Dubai City district.

It’s famous as the second biggest park in Dubai. By surrounding massive acres of gardens, lawns, and play areas for youngsters. It's an overgrown garden impression. Besides, the smooth breeze fetches directly from the ocean. That is a favourable setting in the city of gold, where you can spend the evening and nighttime with your family and friends.

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Creek Park Dubai is one of the ancientest and most enormous parks in the golden city of the UAE. That is unlocked in 1994. Dubai creek park seats along the latitude of the saltwater creek. It is susceptible to water besides, has a transmission room, a cottage car, three helipads and a large room for an emergency.

Creek Park Dubai

Dubai Creek Park - A Brief Overview

One of the biggest parks in Dubai city has five access entrances. however, where three entrances are on the central street. Meanwhile, the continuing two entrances are on one flank of the bridges. Their names are Al Garwood and Al Maktoum.

Entrance Fee:

The price for the entrance of this beautiful largest park is 5 AED per individual only.


You are allowed to enter the Dubai Creek Park from 8 AM till 10 PM every day during winter. On the other side, during summer get an entry from 5 PM till 9 PM. Where the entry ticket pricing remains the same.

The Astonishing Attractions of Creek Area

Dubai creek's mild warm and simple waters fund a broad mixture of aquatic life. Where you get to discover Dhows that were being employed for fishing activity. Also, you can presently be then rowed these dhows for a passive ride to admire the calmness of the district.

The record expresses that the creek area is allotted to solidifying the economic role of Dubai. Which is the foremost sanctuary or harbour in this city of gold. As you know, It's not manageable to exclude the magnificence and significance of this creek area.

Creek Park Dubai wits to the wealth and richness. However, this district was given rise to the commonwealth of Dubai. Also, figure out how it participated in making the city of gold a massive tourist interest around the globe.

1. Shop and Stop

The jeweling business of Dubai has cropped up as the power category of frugality. Also, to this day, the shops of gold are the fundamental citation of exports from the different counties in the world. Creek Park Dubai carries multiple available events that are needed in the majority. If you are present on that fortunate day, don’t miss the Stop and Shop attraction and fulfil your needs very well.

2. Dining:

Enjoy the variety of delicious seafood that is perfectly cooked. The Creek Park Dubai's dinings are barely the territory you need to visit and eat the best quality seafood. You will discover different foods from every facet of the world. All you need to do is just settle down and rejoice in the food along with the stunning sunset views. Still, you can bring some of the reasonable seafood items in the creek area as well.

3. Dubai Dolphinarium:

This attraction in Creek Park Dubai is one of the promising things one can encounter. It is the amazing dolphin show happening at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Finishing time with bottlenose & Seal dolphins, this meetup will be a promising memory to lift. However, your kids adore this meetup and will obtain it for a lifetime. They hop via hoops as well as juggle too. They show some amazing gimmicks and achieve the hearts winning moment from every person in the crowd with their creative schemes.

If you are an advantageous individual, they will grant you to swim with these friendly and energetic dolphins. There are also some communication centres and limited Stables. Where you can read up about dolphins, oceans and marine creatures at Dubai Dolphinarium.

Moreover, enjoy some more activities at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Such as a trampoline space, 5D & 7D theatre, 20 unique categories of birds and a mirror maze. Keep an eye out for the bird show, which is performed at the Dubai Creek Park. It puts up with a position in the Dolphinarium

Youngsters idolize this area! You can greet your family events or party with friends. Including birthday or success parties, anniversary or cooperate groups can be observed exploring the area frequently. You will invariably realize hosted here. Besides, it will admire pertaining nature.

4. Children’s City:

If you prefer your youngsters to use up a day by playing with you. Besides, relish and obtaining small input along with the festivity of Children’s City in the Creek Park is a satisfactory selection.

This city is particularly for the revolution of the children. For those, the age group are up to 15 years old. It is the initial UAE-established schooling city. If travellers wish their teenagers to progress in gaining information along with fun. So they must check in to the Children's city at the Dubai Creek Park.

Your kids can perform in this incredible place or we can assume in the academic city. Kids can perform distinct movements from which they can read up. As well as boost their awareness at the identical time.

5. The Exploration of Dhows in Water:

Ride a wooden boat or water taxi, it is famous as the name of Dhow at the creek area. Admire the stillness and tranquillity of the ocean water in a sluggish ride. You will be satisfied in a reasonable period of your existence.

The setting there will give rise to your sensation. Such as sovereignty in Hollywood movies i-e Titanic. There is a minor promenade too close to the wooden show area in Dubai Creek Park. That you could you around it.

6. Barbeque Spots:

Picnic lovers cherish spots, where they can grill leisurely and eat the BBQ meals with colleagues and families The barbecue spots are barely one of the various free installations furnished at the refuge. It has many barbeque areas that dissipate across the refuge. Visitors enter jointly to grill & roast and take satisfaction in time with their homies and friends.

7. Shop Gold:

People really would not prefer to forget a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That is window shopping for high-quality gold jewellery. At one of the great comprehensive exhibitions of gold on the whole earth. If you explore the complete Dubai city tour, then must check-in at the Gold Souk in the Creek Deira area. Also, do not miss to ask for a discount. Never resolve your gold purchase for the first-rate gold.

8. A Mini Train Escape:

A second amazing structure that you can benefit from and have some fun with is the mini train escape. You can take pleasure in the quick ride on the routes and notice the highest of Creek Park's impressions. Primarily If you are thick on period, a mini train is the adequate preference not to skip any ingredient of the second-largest refuge.

Jump on for the reasonable passage of your life fun recollection. It is precise for both teenagers and grown-ups.

9. Bike Rides:

Moving to a refuge and not galloping a bike ride does not appear favourable. Actually when you are a grown-up. Bike out all your concerns and be one with personality in influencing playgrounds and flower floors.

This refuge permits you to borrow rental bikes. You can hire a little bicycle for two or four people too.

10. A Cable Car Escape:

You Strolled, were driven by a train, and ride on a rental bike in the refuge. But still, forgetting something?

Creek Park Dubai has one more thing just for you to put up with in all the elegance of the district. It is a cable car escape for mesmerizing travelling. Proclaim a bird’s gaze impression of the haven. It is a ride of 30-minute, that belongs 30 meters above the sky. Besides, wraps 2.3 km of the garden. Also, taking in the skylines, which chain the water’s perimeter

People can also perceive the view of the Old Dubai skyline. As well as the towers that are the largest temptation for explorers on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Finish Line:

In short, Creek Park Dubai is a comprehensive parcel one can obtain on one. Multiple free establishments and deep earnings generate it reasonable for every visitor. So they can admire their moment to the hugest.

You can select from various attractions to visit at Dubai Creek Park. From a bike ride to a cable car escape all in one position. From explorers to barely functioning parents. Nobody senses kept out at the second-largest refuge.

This outstanding interest in the town is also useful for travellers. However, its parking space is finely handily and vulnerable. It’s one of the most favourable and highly remarkable spots you will eternally tour.