Al Fahidi - A Guide to Dubai's Historic District

Posted On 29-June-2022

The ancient district of Al Fahidi is positioned in Dubai. The tour let you experience an excursion in time giving you a look into how life is utilized in Dubai. It’s a retreat from the humdrum of the UAE's golden city life. Besides, It's massive buildings. As you stroll through the puzzle of the slight streets streaked by more than 50 houses. That have wind buildings, you’ll be astonished by the organic air-conditioning they give. Those 50 houses at Al Fahidi, Dubai have been renovated with tremendous maintenance into art displays and art museums in Dubai. Besides, like craft shops, galleries, and eateries. There are two boutique lodgings to fascinate the visitors.

Al Fahidi Historical is encircled by a close-mouthed embassy and crowded souks. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a peaceful pouch of steady civilization in Old Dubai. Recently understood as Al Bastakiya, this conventional district courts back to the 19th century. Also, it is a residence to some of the ancientest skyscrapers in the town.

Al Fahidi

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood - Brief Overview

The sikkas or alleyways branching behind Al Fahidi Street transmit a modern wonder at every roll. It is motivating you to forfeit yourself as you roam among the laneways streaked with restored breeze buildings. You can explore a Dubai city tour, that contains historical attractions. It is residence to museums, bistros and artisan workshops. this thing hood is a must-visit for everyone visiting Dubai. Also, for those who completely wish to fall in love with this city of gold all around again.

Also, get to know about Rashid Al Tamimi, a geriatric presenter at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre. He is specialized in Cultural knowledge and tells his detailed insights into Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

Entry Fees:

A visit to Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood is FREE.

How to Reach:

You can grab a Bus or Metro. The closest bus stop is the Metro Son and Al Fahidi bus station.


Recently named the Bastakiya Quarter, so-called as it was assembled by the Bastaks from Persia. The neighbourhood is presently an ancestry region. That stands out as a position saturated in the narrative in the contemporary town of Dubai. It was created by the Bastaks in the 1900s. However, it is initially Persia who agreed to resolve there as the sheikh proposed tax consolation.

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However, during the ages of 1970s, it was Al Fahidi, Dubai. That is witnessed its citizens walking into additional new neighbourhoods granting useful installations. Fortunately, what would have been an incredible failure for Dubai city. Its destruction was deterred by residents and ex-pats. The involvement was overseen by none additional than Prince Charles in the era of 1980s. The individual stationery brings to discover what continues of the former city embankment dating back to the era of 1800.

Why is Al Fahidi a must-experience attraction in Dubai?

The neighbourhood of Bur Dubai and Al Fahidi is a treasure trove of activities to discover and explore. It is the residence of the ancient region of Al Fahidi, courting back to the era of 1859. Which has flawlessly renovated wind-tower homes. You will also get to explore the Dubai Museum (recently the Al Fahidi Fort).

It is the ancientest skyscraper in Dubai, proposing back to the year 1787. For those who appreciate the encounter of shopping additional than in a fancy mall. There are conventional souks or local markets to explore. Including, the Textile Souk, Meena Baazaar, the old souk and the gold shops. They are leading down to the Deira Creek area. Where you may capture an established abra ( water taxi). From Bur Dubai over to the Souks at the Deira area. There is furthermore the Bait Al Wakeel and Coin Museum lodging conventional maritime and fishing rites.

What was the enthusiasm behind the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and SMCCU?

The Al Fahidi District is a position for those who adore craft and culture. There are several craft museums, like XVA, the Alserkal Cultural Foundation and Majlis Gallery. It was the true region to continue the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural experience. A none revenue organisation. SMCCU was arranged in the year 1998. To boost understanding and knowledge of the regional beliefs, policies and religion of the United Arab Emirates. We run under the streamer of the slogan ‘Open Doors Open Minds’ Besides, announce several places to visit. Such as mosque tours and walking visits and cultural meals. To attract locals and international visitors touring the United Arab Emirates. They are showing them a chance to inquire about any topics they may have.

Attractions to Visit in Al Fahidi

Cultural Experience:

You can begin investigating the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood. From the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for the best Cultural experience. It is a location that’ll enable you to discern and enjoy the conventional policies and culture of the city of gold, Dubai. It was unlocked in the year 1998. Besides, a traveller can contribute to a span of activities. That contains the following Arabic lessons too distant from a mosque's guided tour.

Timings: You can explore from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM on Sunday - Thursday. Also, the other visiting hours are from 9:00 AM till 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Coins Museum:

Attend this up by touring the Coins Museum. It never goes wrong to amuse its visitors. Fascinate yourself in an exhibit of more than 470 unique coins. That provides you with a glance into what the British financial policy employed to be. Or not just in the nation but in India also. It is encountered near the Ruler’s Divan, Bur Dubai. Meanwhile, Al Fahidi was unlocked in the year 2004.

Timings: It remains closed on Saturday. But remains open from 8:30 AM till 3:30 PM on Sunday to Friday.

Symposium House:

Another, you won't desire to miss out, ion s the Symposium House. It welcomes cultural exhibitions and additional entertainment that are displaying Dubai’s ancestry and civilization. You’ll be fascinated by the innovations of regional craftsmen. That is shown here. The detailed painting will depart you spellbound as you wonder at their inventiveness and culture.

Dar Al Khatt:

The additional attraction to explore should be the handwriting home or you can call it Dar Al Khatt. You’ll discover Arabic handwriting in all its recognition here. However, each innovation and astonishing art job is perfectly done. You’ll assume that the achievements are additional like detailed layouts than any written article. Here you’ll discover the ideal mythology of Abdul Fatah. He has been a specialist in Arabic handwriting for a while as 36 years now.

Sikka Art Fair:

A tour to Al Fahidi between the dates of 16 to 24 March, do tour the Sikka Art Fair. It is an ambition condescended by the greatness of Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He was the vice-chairman of the Arts Authority and Dubai Culture. It centralizes fascinating fresh mastery that integrates with artists of worldwide repute. Besides, a job on a provided topic.

Timings: It remains open from 08:30 AM till 10:30 PM. However, the entrance fee varies from platform to platform.

Authentic Emirati food:

For the Cultural experience, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre greets the visitors with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with an authentic Emirati food menu. However, people may undertake anything from a popular breakfast menu. Including,

  • ballet, which is saffron flavoured vermicelli noodles.
  • Cardamom & rose water, are capped with a thin layer of omelette.
  • Chicken machbous, a spicey rice plate, identical to the biryani. You can have it for lunch.
  • legume, a delightful approximating a tiny doughnut fulfilled with date sauce.

The Finish Line:

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, then must experience this beaten orbit. This is the historical spot to be in. A Dubai tour delivers an encounter of charm, flashiness and amenity. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai stands out like a fantasy from history. We’re confident you’ll adore roaming through the streets of this village. That is seeping ancient world elegance.