Candylicious - Enjoy the Sweet Journey at Dubai Mall

Posted On 06-July-2022

Candylicious is the ultimate happiness on the planet for those with a sweet tooth. Candylicious is figured among the globe’s biggest sweet shops, that it places inside the Dubai Mall. The store has delivered lots Of yummy and flavorful lollipops, sweets and chocolates. That appears in various sensational shapes and amounts. The active colours on the sweets give the store a brilliant and animated environment. Any time, if you experience a quick Dubai city tour, then you must come across here and shop for candies as per your desire and budget.

The gigantic 1,000sqm shop at Dubai Mall, leaves you enchanted with its eye-catching Lollipop Tree. That has your hero lollipops hanging instead of the leaves. You will also get to discover a Candylicious Airplane taking off with the promise of candies. As an antique, you may compile branded items. Such as mugs, T-shirts or soft toys.

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Candylicious - A Brief Overview

Candylicious is the hugest candy shop at the Dubai Mall. It is recorded in the world traversing more than 10,000 square feet. A trademark modern idea by ’Retail Is Detail (L.L.C.)’. Candylicious unlocked its entrances at the Dubai Mall for local and international visitors. It is a belief characterizing fiction, pleasure and invaluable childhood memories.

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That is blending sweet and the planet of vision into a hip and style-advanced shop. Investigate the colourful globe of Candylicious with its fascinating planks rooted in candy. Besides, a ceiling of a lollipop tree is coated with lollipops. On the other side, the Candylicious Airplane is taking off’ over your supervision. Almost anything that you are desiring can be launched in the area of 10,000 sq ft shop.

Here you will explore yourself enclosed by a comprehensive spectrum of Lollipops, chocolates and candies. That was never discovered in Dubai. Such as Rock Candy from Squire Boone Village and Madelaine Chocolates. Besides, some little pleasures, such as handmade sweets from Miss Sweetie, and Fabrols and Ribble's from Gina Michaels.

Candylicious shop's main goal is to buy the stuff you have never detected anywhere else. Also, you can satisfy with a supreme grant of delicious sugar candies from all over the world.

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Which Brands of Sweets are Available?

Different common brands such as novelty M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses & chocolate bars. As well, every delicacy of Jelly Belly and lollipops is available in many shapes and sizes. It is almost some of the appealing feasts that predict you.

A special chain of epicurean chocolates from Vosges Haut-Chocolat is on hand. However, the most enticing thing is its popping sounds. That is the elegant Garrett Popcorn that will welcome you, as you browse the shop. The odour of perfectly baked buttery brownies from the Bakery "Hot Blondies". It replenishes the atmosphere, meanwhile, a soda fountain providing former time soda fountain explodes. Containing ’Vanilla Vibes’ and ’Rock It Root Beer’quenches the craving of customers.

A big chocolate tree entrenched with colourful lollipops exists along 10 meters broad in the mid of the shop. Candylicious also welcomes the biggest ’Pick and Mix’ border in the globe. That is replenished with the top epic gummy worms, gummy bears, jelly beans, cola bottles and peach rings. You will get to explore yourself dazzled with the choice. Enchanting curved colours of Jawbreakers should not be forgotten with the fancies of delicious Bizzare and Psychedelic.

For Chocolate Lovers:

To persuade you distant, chocolate concealed goodies. Including a variety of white, dark and milk. It will also exist on the ’Pick and Mix’ fence. Along with all categories and amounts of chocolates. So, hop towards the ’Pick and Mix’ embankment and start your exploration. By establishing your ideal ’Pick and Mix’ backpack for you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, check out the Candylicious Junior. Which is a car orbiting around the Dubai Mall. It is refreshed with a solid assortment of Candylicious. The vehicle generates it simpler for you to observe your favourite goodies even before you step into the shop.

What to Do at Candylicious Dubai

Here you can review the shop stretch of about an enormous 11,500 square feet. There are a mind-marvelling 5,500 categories of chocolates, lollipops and candies. That you can grab from. We let you know that it’s heaven for sweet or candy fans.

  • Grab a trip back in the moment as you’ll discover numerous old-styled chocolates, lollipops and candies. That is safe to prompt you of your elders. It’s a journey down memory highway with these goodies being ensured. To leave you thinking sentimental about past days of your childhood.
  • Suggest gourmet chocolates here of a broad variety. On the other side, the quality is from the promising dark chocolates to the additional famous milk chocolates. You’ll get to discover chocolates here from the biggest brands. Encompassing the awe-inspiring country ones, such as Toblerone.
  • You may govern any circumstance here that’s confident to be a completely remarkable encounter. Whether you can celebrate a birthday party, a baby shower or a kids-friendly function. The workers at this shop are 100% confident to prepare your event truly outstanding.
  • If you come across Dubai during the summer season. Then make it a sense to fall over at Candylicious. As the spot provides as much as 50% off on all its goodies till August. It’s an overwhelming offer!

Entrance Fee at Candylicious, Dubai Mall?

Entry to Candylicious is free at Dubai Mall. You only need to pay the expense of things you buy from the store.

How to Arrive at Candylicious?

As you all know, the Candylicious shop is positioned inside the Dubai Mall. You only need to arrive at Dubai Mall. Since it's the main temptation in Dubai. It is well-linked and easy to get the location from any portion of the golden city. We indicate that you grab the Dubai Metro. The closest location is the Burj Khalifa. The nearest one is also the Dubai Mall Metro Station. Once you arrived there, you can just enter the Dubai Mall via the Metro Link Bridge. These conditions regulate subway travel and provide wonderful impressions of downtown Dubai.

You can also go for the affluent bus services. That belongs to the Dubai Mall immediately. The service is pretty periodic. So it shouldn’t be complicated for you to reach the location.