Kalba Bird of Prey Centre Sharjah - An Astonishing Highlights

Posted On 07-Feb-2023

Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is one of the awe-inspiring neighborhoods in Sharjah. Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is a sight, where visitors can uncover the setting, hunting skills, and food diet of exquisite raptor critter origin. Such as owls, Hawks, and Eagles.

Let’s countenance the countless varmints of prey that are current at the warehouse. You can also acknowledge the locale, opening hours, and different encounters at the Birds of Prey Centre Sharjah.

The Kalba Birds of Prey Centre: A Long Description

Kalba Bird of Prey Centre Sharjah

Realize other Information about birds of prey at the depository. The Birds of Prey Centre is available in Kalba and was inaugurated in January 2014. Under the ambition of his majesty Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi. He was the department of the leading chamber of Sharjah.

The Bird of Prey Centre is one of its classifications of structures in the United Arab Emirates. It is the possession of considerable forebears of tremendous raptor critters. The structure offers countless inducement comforts. Such as live shows, restaurants, historic terrains, and an assortment of strident varmints from the Middle East and more.

Kalba Bird Of Prey Centre Highlights:

There’s a quantity to execute at this animal of attraction. Here’s a catalog of the numerous places. That evokes this wildlife structure worth analyzing.

Live Verification:

  • An eagle with its teacher in a live show The Live performances are a flawless method to figure out other input about these grand animals and their hunting powers.
  • One of the actual activities at the Kalba Birds of Prey Centre is knowledge of free-flying groups. That presents the primary characteristics of animal checking and coasting functions. These free-flying groups are accomplished under the upkeep of experts.
  • They are situated at the repository and are taught by professional animal handlers. The shows underline some tremendous pullbacks and hunting talents of these stunning varmints.
  • The Bird of Prey Centre live performances run for an hour. Besides, they seize a place at the outside coliseum in the construction.

Want a Live Session With Birds Of Prey:

The Eagle in its enclosure at the Sharjah Bird of Prey Centre is one of the best climacterics in Sharjah. Similarly, you will get to materialize in person with these lovely fledglings. You might obtain across the depository

  • owl
  • hawks
  • falcons
  • vultures

Also, there are diverse sauntering and occupant wild saunters. Different wide-open columbary is simulating voluntary environments where the fledglings are fought.

Do you know? What Eagles Eat:

The varmints in a bin have wide-open enclosures. The attraction has a spread set-up facility, from where visitors can find out what the eagles, vultures, and raptors will have for lunch and dinner. This is a tremendous technique for youths to apprehend outdoors in the United Arab Emirates and their habitat. If you have any apprehensions, the preceptor and the squad are always ready to respond to them.

Intellectual Stops For Kids:

You can watch the shelter owl in the chamber. Yet, youngsters get satisfied when they locate these raptors from very nearby These live presentations are an honorable habit for children and adults to figure out the distance between the feeding customs and realistic settings of the installation in the Arabian Peninsula. The Kalba Birds of Prey Centre controls exceptional intellectual expeditions for kids in Fujairah as well.

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Ghayal Fort is wonderful for Clicking Pictures:

Al Ghyal Fort is confronted at the Bird of Prey Centre. The hideout is on the outside of an upland, engrossing it as a wonderful stand moment to analyze the entire attraction. Meanwhile, the next-door ledges and a great many barrages are.

Don’t forget to click some best shots for social media portrayals here. As the place conveys a flawless setting and background for an extraordinary selfie.

The Small Zoo:

The structure also has a brand new caress zoo for kids. They get to determine restricted Arabian cows & goats.

Kalba Birds of Prey Centre Basic Input

Entry Ticket:

The entrance fee for the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is around 16 AED per person


It is realized in Kalba, which is established on Sharjah’s east shore. Regardless, it is close to Al Hefaiyah Conservation Centre. Visitors can come across via E102. It lets you react from Sharjah to Kalba Road. Likewise, you can grab a transport E84 from the point Sheikh Zayed Road.


The Kalba Bird of Prey Centre's time direction is as follows

  • Sunday - Thursday, it unlocks from 9 in the morning to 05:30 in the evening.
  • On Friday, it unlocks from 1 noon to 05:30 PM.
  • On Saturday, it unlocks from 11 in the morning to 05:30 PM.
  • It remains closed on Tuesday to give some break to the creatures.

The Finish Line:

These are the following reviews of the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre in Sharjah. This is one of the excellent inducements in Sharjah to encounter the glorious raptors of the mark in prosecuting. The inducement is well-looked-after and has a quantity of fun for youngsters. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is launched in Dubai city and is a tremendous question for pet observers.