Dubai Water Canal - An Epic City's Sightseeing

Posted On 15-Sep-2022

The city of the future can only be characterised as a town amid the incredible civic modification the world has ever noticed. The departed or one of the deceased feathers in the city’s architectural cap is the Dubai Water Canal. It is a 3.2 km extended duct, newly finalised at the expense of AED 2.7 billion. The earth clenched its whiff again, staring at Dubai city comprehensive and disclosing the much-predicted aqueduct.

We’re pleased to announce that it's a well-explained impatience. The sea duct in the city of gold is as grand as pledged. Here’s everything you crave to understand about it!

Sharjah Desert Park

Dubai Water Canal - A Detailed Discussion

The Dubai Water Canal is a sensation to notice; it slopes boldly for 3.2 kilometres. Slashing via the city's central highway, the Sheikh Zayed Road. Roaming in width from 80 to 120 metres, the aqueduct cuts across Safa Park & plunges into the domestic Jumeirah district. From there it spills into the Arabian Gulf, where it finalises its excursion. Besides the city of gold, the aqueduct length is the 12-kilometre high Marais Business Bay Promenade. Which gives bunches of openings to skate, walk and admire other entertaining stuff.

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Cruise Timings:

Dubai water canal is available 24 hours for visitors. There are everyday excursions on the ferry, meanwhile, the timings are from 10:00 AM, 12.00 AM, and 5:40 PM commencing from Jaddaf Marine Station. If you need to discern the aqua fall. Then must visit between 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

How to Come across the Dubai Water Canal?

You can arrive across the Dubai Water canal via car as well as the metro. On the other hand, the metro will be the most appropriate way.

My Metro:

All you need to do is grab the red line and sit at the Business Bay metro station. Stroll around the Sheikh Zayed Road & only go by the bridge. You'll discover a footpath taking you right to the Dubai Water Canal.

By Car:

Roam on the Sheikh Zayed Road in the direction of the city's world trade centre. Grab the entrance beside St. Regis hotel in the direction of Sheikh Zayed bridge. You can deposit your vehicle there and reach the aqueducts.

Cruise Tickets for Dubai Water Canal:

The cruise tickets for the Dubai water canal vary from numerous operators. For favourable prices check out the links.

Dubai Water Canal Exciting Activities:

Dubai water canal announces an expanse of astonishing tourist attractions. Like the lovely aqua fall, the Dhow cruise Creek, the Dubai sea ductal Abra ride and the Dhow Cruise Marina and Yacht cruise.

Best Activities to Admire at Dubai Water Canal

One of the promising events on the city's aqueduct is cruising. It is a comfortable encounter with the flamboyance of the golden city from a modern viewpoint. Grab a passage on the aqueduct while cruising and relish a two-and-a-half-hour tour. Along with a combative three-course lavish dinner buffet. Not only that, you take to appreciate the Tanura dance show, puppet show & many activities on the cruise.

In What Direction Does the Dubai Water Canal Advantage the City?

The Dubai water canal has been deflected from Deira Creek for the single objective of establishing an aqua front area. Within the city’s foundation. The undertaking had strengthened 6.4 kilometres of aqua front to the city of gold. As well as a 3-km running track and 12 km of cycling to the town. An area of 80,000 square metres has also been established for municipal areas and installations. Comprising parking. Along with the moat’s seaside, various current lifestyle districts are appearing. They enlarge to the already occurring W Hotel, St Regis.

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What are the Other Goals for the Dubai Water Canal?

The golden city of the United Arab Emirates has numerous enterprising strategies surrounding the fresh aqua canal.

  • Getting on the Road & Transport Authority’s purpose. The canal will be swivelled into a global standard marine conveyance intersection. There will be five depots eligible to attend to six million candidates regularly.
  • The strategy is to flank the Canal with numerous entertainment and lifestyle facilities. Such as malls, restaurants, cafes, entertainment places and hotels.
  • There is to be a marina and a promenade, which will create the aqueduct as a spot hotspot for residents and international visitors.
  • The aqueduct will evolve into the chef d'oeuvre of enormous real estate growth in the nearby neighbourhood. The strategy is to establish 960 hotel cabins and 5,000 residential departments.
  • Three different neighbourhoods are scheduled. They are the Gate Towers, the Peninsula and Jumeirah. A third-level, 300,000-square-meter mall will be created in one of these areas. They comprise over 400 retail openings, with a refuge on the canopy.
  • At the edge of the aqueduct, there are agendas to establish a peninsula. That will broaden the Jumeirah Beach Park. This promontory will enlarge another kilometre of blond beach in the region. Boosting the locale’s active ability.
  • The building is already advancing at the Business Bay stop of the aqueduct. For a seafront neighbourhood that will compete with Dubai Marina.
  • You will also find a mall with a green park on its canopy, confronting Safa Park.
  • The Dubai Water Canal walk which will be 7 kilometres extended is related. The Jumeirah Beach jogging path establishes a seamless trail for joggers. Gifted supervision cameras with high-performance face-recognition systems will be arranged everywhere. So everybody could make the Walk comfortable at any moment of the day & night.
  • The whole growth will be enriched with a tremendous bargain of foliage. Which is an ingredient of UAE's golden city's nature preservation project.
  • There will be a whole of four domestic buildings dominating Safa Park. Plus 211 domestic units will dominate the waterway directly.
  • The recently-established promontory region will retain no less than 60 docks. As well as 347 malls, 957 five-star hotel rooms, the number of diners and 1,817 residential departments.

Dubai Water Canal Dress Code:

Dress informally just in the direction you’d array for an informal dining option. Preventing too-small clothing, the city although relatively new is correlated to its different cautious mate. It strives not to indicate too much skin, it’s not respected in the city of gold. Any best casuals for both ladies and gents that prepare them safely and comfortably should be fine.

Dubai Water Canal Tips:

  • The promising way to win against experiencing the golden city's waterway is to get on the best Abra ride dhow cruise and yacht cruise.
  • Don’t skip celebrating the restricted waterfall concert that transpires daily between 8:00 PM & 10:00 PM.


July is the time provided by the town for the culmination of the enormous Dubai water canal undertaking. Every bridge street will be cleared in stages, and all bridges will be undertaken from July 21st. The Dubai water canal is a most enterprising undertaking to date. As well as to compete with the artificial Palm Islands.