Riverland Dubai - A Family Friendly Attraction

Posted On 04-Oct-2022

Admiring is one location attributed to an eye-catching theme park in Dubai. That you are eligible to enter for free and carving is incredibly famous among families including kids. They are looking for economical locations to hang out in the city of the future. Occasionally interpreted as the doorway to Dubai Parks and Resorts. Riverland Dubai is an activity of picturesque areas from numerous facets of the world. It is comprehensive with cobbled streets, delighting diners and even a turning artificial river. Ideal for that has occupancy in Jebel Ali. This is a free attraction to explore in Dubai city and it is the perfect weekend landing for families.

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Some Basic Information about Riverland Dubai

Along with a collection of almost 50 restaurants, shops and diners that extend over the 1km high artificial Dubai canal. Riverland Dubai accentuates four zones for entertainment, music, leisure, food and gatherings. Look into our best Riverland Dubai blog for extra knowledge on what things to do at this free place in the city of gold.

If you are planning to explore an ideal attraction in Dubai city, where you can chill and have unconditional fun with family or friends. Riverland has a full capacity of grants. Let’s outset with four constructive unique zones. These zones offer an interesting glance into the huge cities around the planet.

Entrance Fee:

There is no entrance fee to enter the riverland. You can get here for Free.


Riverland is placed at Dubai Parks and Resorts which is near the place, Jebel Ali. It’s a quick 20-minute ride of the driver for residents of halls in Arabian Ranches and different residential regions of new Dubai.

The manageable direction to get a ride or driver from there. However, it is also vulnerable to public transportation, such as the metro.

Opening Hours:

Riverland Dubai's opening hours begin from 10 AM to 11 PM on weekdays.

Meanwhile, opening hours on Thursday and Fri are from 10 AM to 12 AM.

These timings change during Ramadan, so whenever, you're planning to visit must check the timings online.

What are the Zones in Riverland Dubai?

The Peninsula:

A perspective of outstanding bridges in Riverland that adjoins two zones. The Peninsula meets back to the constructive composition of the 19th century. That promotes stunning bridges bound to the piazza. These bridges are enclosed by the river, there is a huge external platform in this zone. From there, visitors can admire festivities and concerts. Alongside the waterway have some amazing authorized cafes and bars. Including, ECCO, The Irish Village and Pizza & Pasta.

Strolling along the bridge besides, peeking at the gorgeous advancement is one of the promising places to visit in Riverland Dubai. Not just will you appreciate the eye-catching glamour. But also, you can sign in to those rungs and get your day-to-day dose of the drill!

The Views of the refurnished factory facilities in the Peninsula. The industrial uprising is a moment that will compel you to realize that you’ve walked back in an era. The charming canal eating-out platforms complement the encounter. You will get to discover a glass-enclosed kids-friendly pace. Along with toys and a kitchen for playing. It brings about The Peninsula, a children-friendly zone.

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India Gate:

India Gate lets you experience a Royal Asian. It welcomes you on your excursion through India Gate. That is uncovered on the south of the map of Riverland in Dubai. Poetry to the multi-coloured parkways of Mumbai and different active neighbourhoods in the sub-continent. India Gate zone in Riverland Dubai something incredible is where you frequently grab popular Indian drummers whipping their drums out to recognition.

If you are preferring spicy gravy and admire where you desire to go to eat out in Riverland. India Gate is a place to stay with a combination of informal dining outlets. Also, it is a fast eater to pump up your taste buds. It is fixed near the access gates for Bollywood Parks Dubai.

This zone compensates for the harmonious theatres that are familiar with the Indian movie ambition. Asunder from its royal Asian greeting with musicians, and artistic statues and acrobats. India Gate has a mixture of eateries that promotes cuisine from Middle Eastern and Asian goodies.

Costa Coffee:

A worldwide homegrown coffee house that also offers flavorful wraps, salads, sweet delights and sandwiches.

Al Mashowa:

A popular Emirati seafood diner with prescriptions that succeed in history.

Barbecue Delights:

An occasional dining cafe that serves Afghani, Pakistani and North Indian cookeries.

Bol Gappa:

An Indian combination bistro that serves scrumptious street food in a Bollywood-themed setting.

Haru Robatayaki:

A credible Japanese diner that pursues the masterpiece of Teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi and Robata.

Wok Chi:

Street food in Chinese style is a combination where you can personalize your wok-tossed noodles.


A traditional fast-food eatery assisting deep-fried golden-coloured shrimps made to quintessence.


A hypnotizing sunset image at Riverland Dubai recreate the romantic American moment of the 1950s on the Boardwalk. From there you may meet the amazing arts of jugglers and street artists. The eye-catching views of golden palm trees in California and stunning neon signage will come back your memories of first America. This zone is tracked down close to the opening of the Hollywood-influenced Motiongate theme park. The zone influenced by the Americans in Riverland place is an ideal location for visitors with a sweet tooth. So they could enjoy a diversity of ice creams, massive marshmallows and different kinds of delights from Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory.

The French Village:

You will get to encounter an enormous vintage water wheel at the fourth zone "the French Village" in Riverland in the golden city of UAE. If you wish to undergo the elegance of tilting street music and Europe’s cobbled streets. Then the French Village would be your favourite whereabouts to be at. There are zigzag pathways, water wheels and towers to shift you into a unique world.

A remake of Medieval Dijon and the gravel bridges, the classical coast of Burgundy are the must-visit things. It is also the best shopping thing, like gifts, antiques and different gadgets. An additional unique element to petition craft lovers is Gallery One for portraits and Wired Up for formulating your name into any jewellery you will select for yourself.

So must visit the fascinating zones and restaurants in Riverland Dubai, from there you can restore yourself after a long stroll.