KidZania Dubai Mall - An Ultimate Guide

Posted On 18-Oct-2022

KidZania Dubai is a well-made image of healthy, academic and family entertainment. This outstanding attraction in the city of gold especially lets children enjoy the practice of their desired profession. Not only little ones but their parents can be a part of this. On a rin, practical manual setting role-play and mimicking things are performed by grown-ups in virtual life.

Why Does Your Child Need to Visit KidZania Dubai?

KidZania Dubai Mall

KidZania Dubai is a connected, behaviourist learning theory, where your youngsters can get the end of any of the professional roles out of 80+ professions. It is set in a reproduction of virtual reality.

The act-out possibilities contain everything from an actor to a doctor to a police officer to a beautician or a bank manager.

Once the children choose a career, they have to execute those “jobs” which they’ll get reimbursed for. Or they can spend their hard-earned income on such fun things. Such as entertainment, shopping etc.

Practically, the attraction delivers them a chance to spend one day of life as adults do. However, the activity is happening in a comfortable, fun setting. While also discovering the duties that appear to be a grown-up individual.

KidZania in Dubai mall is constructed to plate, comprehensive with facilities, vehicles, and covered streets. As well as, operational thriftiness and traditional objectives called constitutions. They are financed and marked by overseeing international and regional brands.

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For a factual real-life occasion, Multiple formal constitutions and activities have enduring eternities. But since this isn't an actual existence, you can buy Fast Track tickets and miss the waiting queues at all positions.

Opening Hours:

To confirm you have detailed independence to design your outing. It remains unlocked 7 days a week. However, the time details are as follows:

From Saturday till Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM, where the counter closes at 7 PM.

From Thursday till Friday: 12 PM - 9 PM,

where the counter closes at 8 PM.

Ticket Price:

KidZania Dubai entry ticket price is 186 AED. The kids aged between 4 to 16 years old are eligible to get the ticket. You can buy rapidly through the official website online. Or you can purchase it in person at the opening of the attraction.

KidZania Dubai Annual Pass:

The amazing Annual Pass permits you to get the privileges of this must-do thing in Dubai for a whole year. This is especially positive for those who are locals in the UAE's golden city with children.

Ticket Price: 950 AED per person


  • Entry to KidZania every day.
  • KidZania PaZZport
  • 12 fast-track tickets and 150 kidZos on only the first visit.
  • Retail discount of about 15%
  • Birthday party access discount for 20% (no party add-ons)
  • Dubai Ice Rink tickets for 15% (daytime tours only)

Best Zone for KidZania Dubai

As you navigate your direction past skyscrapers, covered streets, and vehicles. Select from a space of careers at the location. Get your youngsters the independence to prefer jobs of their intention. This activity encourages children to convey their imagination, and sharpens their decision-making aptitude — as they will enjoy whatever career they choose!

1. Chocolate Factory:

Read up on how to prepare delightful chocolates of numerous flavours here. Also, bring some goodies home for your loved ones. This is an exclusive role-play term.

Best for passionate Little Kitchen Champions.

2. Dental Industry:

Observe what it assumes to be a dentist as you find out about the essentials of oral hygiene. As well as, help in performing dental surgery. See your children depart the attraction with promising oral hygiene manners.

Best for those who are obsessed with cleaning teeth.

3. Supermarket:

Pay for groceries, discover food goals and along with it learn to buy things I'm budgeting for. You can also comprehend supervising the supermarket and accompanying buyers.

Best for observant and thoughtful shoppers

4. Pizza Express:

Read up about the masterpiece of pizza baking as you formulate one from laceration. Also, learn further about the selective ingredients and the bread. Contemplate it all appear together at the Pizza Shop. You also bring the finished pizza home.

Best for Pizza fans and little kitchen champions.

5. Fashion Boutique:

After observing the flaunt of your tricks, display your best pieces and Modeling session with your incredibly own Fashion Show. Where Parents are also, welcome as audience and cheerers. The members are encouraged to clap and click pictures.

Best for fashionistas, Child Models, born ramp-walkers and Divas.

6. Hospital:

Practice your medical terminology, supervise surgery and manage to take care of newborns in the conservatory at the location's Hospital. A realm of crazy situations! Parents are motivated to play a part in patients.

Best for children who adore playing Doctor with toy instruments

7. Fire Station:

Wear your costumes, slide down the rod, leap on the huge red fire engine and hurry away. Settle out further than one fire and adopt the adrenaline rush as you rescue lives. (Children may barely contribute to this training once per visit).

Best for the daredevils.

8. TV Studio:

Be the role of the TV artist and play a part as editors, hosts, cameramen and celebrities. Here you bring to report, anchor, film and edit your show. Bring a charge and learn what it's like to be acting in front of the camera for 24 hours.

Best for Children who love to act or host on Tv Shows.

9. Bank:

If numbers are your aspect, come over to the Bank and get this as a profession. Help other fellows with their exploration and banking requirements. Also, encourage them to supervise their kidZos with a current account.

Best for those children who are obsessed with numbers.

10. Building climbing:

Measure the embankments of the climbing wall of the attraction. Then, admit you overcome your anxieties and push your boundaries. This is a considerable direction to drink a connotation of adventure to your youngsters. The lowest height of 120cm and an AIA Insurance Personal Accident strategy are expected to join in.

Best for Adventure fans, daredevils & thrill-lovers