Al Wathba Fossil Dunes: Best Unseen Gem in Abu Dhabi

Posted On 21-Sep-2022

To those who agree that 2020 has been a deranged year, they explain the tiniest. But having so many travel limitations, the barely optimistic facet. It has spread that numerous of us have begun investigating our available locations. Such as every smallest thing in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi city. It has various areas which are relatively extraordinary and don’t plummet on the formal bucket list.

Such as ‘ Places to Visit in X city. These are attractions which are not very distant from your town. Also, it can skillfully be wrapped in a day excursion. Moreover, if you are a resident of Abu Dhabi or came to explore UAE's capital city. Then, checking out the not-so-popular treasure to explore "Al Wathba Fossil Dunes" tops the priority.

Al Wathba Fossil Dunes Abu Dhabi

Al Wathba Fossil Dunes - Complete Details

The United Arab Emirates is comprehensive and Abu Dhabi in particular has a prosperity of sites. Along with stunning realistic panoramas. And the Fossil Dunes will be favourable on the exterior, along with Al Seef, Jebel Hafeet, Dubai Water Canal and many more.

In this blog, you will discover

Something fascinating about the Fossil Dunes of Abu Dhabi. The incredible Fossil Dunes of the Al Wathba desert are 100% realistic terrain constructions. One of the most extraordinary things about this interest is that you don't have to pay any single penny to visit. Also, you can tour whenever you crave to (below we have discussed the ideal time to explore).

Delightful Thing to Know: Although they are not so well-known among international travellers (and few introverted locals as well). Abu Dhabi deserts’ spectral and supernatural topography has enthralled Hollywood filmmakers for a long time. Mainly, fossil dunes have starred in the movies. Including Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015 as well as Six Underground in 2019.

Explain fossil dunes and How are they designed?

Generously, just like ridges, fossil dunes are also shaped by the progression of sand-laden breezes over a high period. Besides, thus the pattern of these fossil dunes' vaults modifications over time (years).

Likewise, the Al Wathba fossil dunes are constructions of wind-swept sand, pervaded with calcium carbonate. Hence stiffened to construct different, various and conceptual natural desert statues. From here you will receive a possibility to glimpse individuality or the creator at work.

Al Wathba Fossil Dunes:

Although the precise meteorology justification as to why fossil dunes get shaped in particular regions. Also, not at additional locales is not yet totally comprehended. If you need to understand more, you can browse here.

When Should Visit?

Standing natural hierarchies that too in the inner of an Arabian desert. There are no fixed timings as awfully. Regardless, we would indicate you stop to visit during the summer months and go between October to February. Since the weather will be acceptable, you will be eligible to admire yourself extra. Also, there are no refugees or shadows available. Thus, the summer season can be flaming for you.

Some Tips before you visit?

  • Please abstain from clambering and jumping on the patterns. As it might harm them. The respected Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCE) inquires all travellers to not touch or offend the systems.
  • If you grab a car on rent, I would indicate you go for an SUV. This will enable you to seize your vehicle inside the Arabian desert. Or else, you might desire to place your vehicle on the side of the road. Then walk for 5-7 mins to the Arabian dunes.
  • Don’t miss taking a water bottle and something to eat along with you. As there are no diners or cafes available.
  • You're supposed to be careful that there is an army basis not too distant from the setting. And hence distinct categories of the road have been captioned as 'photography prohibited'.

The Exciting Road Trip to the Al Wathba Desert & Fossil Dunes:

September is the ideal month to visit. Just like many travellers across the world. we had also been exhausted with all the pandemic-provoked lockdowns and limitations on travel. So, we decided to follow our dream on one lovely Saturday morning. We just needed to go together somewhere, for a quick drive!

After spending 10 minutes ‘googling’ the best destinations nearby, we found the photos of Al Wathba Fossil Dunes. No doubt it is desirable and we headed out to inspect the beauty. It was hardly an hour’s drive and we had arrived at the limit of the desert. That looks at these intriguing realistic configurations. This is why bringing a UAE Driving License is ever helpful. Because even if you don’t occupy a vehicle, you can grab a rental vehicle at any time. Then explore the road or enjoy road trips.

Our Al Wathba Fossil Dunes Experience:

We understood that we were reaching the dunes once the landscape began altering. The military air base, power-grid lines, Scarce population and water treatment plant. All of these were demonstrating that we were on the edges of Abu Dhabi. In the middle of the barren desert. After occasional additional minutes of drive, we started to glimpse some different and conceptual desert constructions. We had completed it!

A Mistake Many Visitors Do:

Selection of vehicles, such as always, we borrowed a portable sedan, Nissan Sunny. Besides, without reasoning much, we seized the vehicle off-road & into the Arabian desert. As anticipated, our vehicle got stuck. After some minutes of struggle, a passerby was well given to help us and grabbed us out of the jumble!

Hence, if you rent a vehicle, then go to get an SUV. Besides, park your vehicle by the side of the road & stroll for 5-7 minutes to the fossil dunes.