Naif Museum - A Documented Landmark in Dubai

Posted On 29-Nov-2022

Chronological Information about the city of Gold, Dubai is introductory without voyaging Naif Museum. Yes, the city of gold has many additional attractions to look at. After an appreciation of fancy shopping malls, desert safari excursions, and the questioning of sumptuous buildings. In Deira Creek, you will get to find out about many thrilling things to do. However, it is comparable to dissimilar conditions in the UAE regions. You're suitable to pay for adorning craftwork from Gold Souk. Also, you are eligible to roam around Deira Clocktower.

Naif Museum Dubai - A Whole Introduction

Naif Museum Dubai

The great commencements, feasts, and needs in this sector meeting about the city’s genealogy. Encounter any of these Deira strategies to accept the usefulness of this society. This Naif museum in Dubai provides an incredible gaze into the Dubai police besides the umpire web’s history and expansion. The detritus of the police officer is in use. Presently, in one of the categories of the Naif Police Station. It was practically wholly specified from pipestone in 1939. Again, the fortified fort instantly cottages two museum showrooms. That construction class of interactive shows, amusing pictures, and living hierarchies. More to Naif museums, there are considerable remarkable things to explore on the Dubai city tour.

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Naif Fort was appointed amid the salable metropolis in 1939 in a deliberate crisis in the neighborhood of Deira Creek. The Commanding Commander-in-Chief of headquarters, scrutinies, Dubai police stations, custody districts and judiciaries. All of them were learned here. It was the major police station discovered in Dubai as well as at the duration, the headquarters of the Public and the courts. Before the 1990s, through economizing its archaeological factors. His excellence Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum called for the improvement of one of the castle’s tributaries into an accepted museum. It is then vacant for visitors to memorize the ancestry of the administration. Also, the expenditure coerces the Emirate.

Naif Museum Pattern:

Visitors will disclose examples of police clothing, which have been modified from time-honored to contemporary provincial dresses. The Naif Museum comprises two galleries. In advancement to the medals, the administration portrayals, and capes phases. The police’s autos and firearms, the incarceration spaces, after their establishment. It also provides the traveller with an appearance of the silhouettes of police officials of Dubay since it was verified. Also, the gallery has been kicking into conventional UAE national trends, data, and chronological declarations. As well as proclamations printed by police since its association in 1956.


The Naif Museum direction in Dubai is located at Hotel Radisson, the area is Bur Dubai on Deira Creek at the Baniyas on the 2nd floor.


However, its entry and exit hours are from 12:30 noon to 03:00 noon. Also, you can call around 07:00 in the evening till 02:00 at night.

Price of Entry Ticket:

Assessing the Naif Museum entrance ticket price, the tour is free of cost. For more attributes, you may reach the museum considering any queries is +971-4-526-0978.

Activities to do in Naif Museum Dubai

QDs Fun:

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Waterfront Market:

Waterfront is an encouraging orientation in Dubai for those energetic about accepting natural and untouched stores. A tremendous separation of fish can be founded in each of the 435 stores. That reconciles fresh incisions. There are furthermore incredible renewed lamb and beef piles. If you worship boiling with untouched derivatives. You can incline toward whatever ratio you want for your incision. You can receive fresh meat at a a practical and economical price straight from the butcher's deterrent.

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Hor al Anz Library:

You will consume your adorable hours in your embodiment book store, known as "Hor al Anz". if you're obsessed with ith reading books and idolize buying Novels. This Shangri-la has been blundered by major and transpiring authors, verified in 1989, It comprises books. You will also fetch books in Arabic as well as English wording. They are available for novels as well. From two varieties of fictional and non-fiction articles.

Hor al Anz library is found at the Naif Museum and has an eclectic kids’ type. It comprises an assignment crate and an audiovisual amusement space. You must check out that lovely area in Dubai. if you desire to brand an infatuation for going over in your kids. The membership will also be proposed only for UAE inhabitants. As well as UAE firms enrolled and GCC residents. Nonetheless, travelers from around the world will arise and glance at publications, periodicals, and books.

The Finish Line:

It has been reckoned that the leading amount of the establishment was its “Al Makbad”. It's like an Arabic procedure construction, which proceeds with the iconic amount. More, it was already home to considerable criminals not so comprehensively after it was set. The unbroken chateau of Naif is hailed Naif Museum. Also, it is partway inaugurated from an extraordinary clay known as Al Madar. It is even an across-the-board meaning of a ritual in the unbroken Middle East. That nourishes the edifices with many yellowish colors. Presently, the Naif Museum's observatories are in the same job for tourists to explore Dubai. The Naif museum gives an expanse of shows of Dubai’s narrative.