Al Seef Dubai - An Ultimate Guide

Posted On 17-Aug-2022

Wandering around in the UAE's golden city, the Dubai city tour will provide you with glimpses of the huge skyscrapers and the shimmering glow. If you strive to retain various encounters in the city of gold, then lead towards Deira Creek. There, you can watch Al Seef, from where you will discover the wedding of old and modern. Al Seef is also next level and a superb innovation by Meraas. It is a recognition of the tremendous civilization and ancestry of Dubai.

This tourist destination is about 1.8 km and was formulated in the year 2017 and created as a must-discover thing in the United Arab Emirates. It is a waterside improvement along the coast of Deira Creek with various areas for eating out, shopping, and entertainment. Al Seef is a mixture of the city’s modern components and an emotional vibe. In which we will put up with you back to the Mid of the year the 1900s. Al Seef can be allocated into two consecutive portions. One is a heritage region starring old architecture and the second category is decorated with modern configurations.

Al Seef Dubai

Al Seef Dubai - Brief Overview

The ancient location has numerous sand-coloured buildings. Which appears like they were present for a long time. The greatly fascinating portion is that straight the signage of famous brands. Such Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins have regulations similar to those days. Everything is established gradually in a pale and rotted look. However, strolling through this street is exciting as you receive a different encounter. It is primarily if you are utilised to the shining cityscape of the UAE's golden city. It allows you to glimpse what the golden city was and what Dubai is in a sole position.

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Shopping Scene:

Be it cosmetics, perfumes, gifts, jewellery or accessories. Al Seef Dubai experience has it all. Discover a substantial outstanding handicraft for your house at Anousheh, an exposition of jewellery at Q Best Gold, and gadgets for women at Zeneve.

Attempt Outstanding Tastes:

If you are hungry and looking for eating out, it will be difficult to select the biggest. There is everything to please your taste buds, which creates Al Seef a foodie’s heaven. The various cuisines of Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian and Belgium. These dishes are too reasonable to skip. Sweet or dessert enthusiasts have numerous selections. Such as Jelly Belly, Baskin Robbins, Bellamia and Hello Fruits. Those who adore attempting factual Emirati food. They can get on to Al Fanar Seafood Market. However, Al Mangal Express gives Arabic street-food-attitude food or ILA.

Abra Sailing:

Abra sailing is the top economical normals of transport in Deira Creek for international visitors as well as residents. You can traverse the Deira creek area on an abra, which is an ancestral boat ferrying visitors.

Get on for a Dhow cruise Sightseeing:

This is one of the top fascinating things to do to experience in Al Seef. Dhow cruise sightseeing gives a relaxation excursion throughout the Creek. Along with entertainment, buffet dinner and sightseeing. Discern the major temptations in the Deira creek at night time. Enjoy watching funny puppet shows and Tanoura shows. As well as admire a dhow cruise dinner including veg and non-veg buffet.

Enjoy amusing live Entertainment shows:

Al Seef is one of the top transpiring places in the city of gold, Dubai. It welcomes various policies, such as exhibitions, fireworks and musical concerts throughout the year. However, these fireworks are normally clasped for celebrations and occasions. Such as Christmas, New Year and Diwali.

Museum of Illusions Dubai:

You should never forget the visit when you are exploring Al Seef. As you enter the Museum of Illusion, you will fall into a world, where the chain between fact and vision is dimmed. It would enable you if you did not think your eyes as they may fiddle stunts on you. The Museum of illusions establishes a procession of creatures that are not entirely as they appear. A group of qualified designers and makers have formulated a planet of fiction. To trick your eyes and brain. The display can be allocated into Grand Illusions, Optical Illusions and Master Illusions.

You will experience difficulty discovering it if you are feeling on the horizontal or twisted ground in the anti-gravity room. You will stroll around among multiple reflectors in the infinity room to discover a path out. Boss on the platter may appear a little weird, where you will possess an individual’s head on a tray. Don’t be concerned. Nobody will be harmed, and you can examine the mystery of the private body. These are only limited to the sensational stuff that the Museum provides. Moreover, you need to go inside to discern other surprises.

The Ticket Price:

For Adults, it costs AED 80 as well as for children (aged between 5-15 years), it costs AED 60

Opening hours:

From Saturday to Wednesday between 10:00 am till 10:00 pm. As well as from Thursday to Wednesday till 10:00 am to midnight.

Which is the biggest moment to tour Al Seef Dubai Creek?

Contemplating the weather conditions in Dubai. However, the biggest moment to tour Althea Seef Dubai Creek is during winter. As the space is fully open-air, you cannot appreciate its elegance if you visit during the g summer months. Moreover, you can enjoy the views of sunrise and sunset if you go in the morning and evening. The place glances gorgeous at night due to the roads embroidered with fairy lanterns. The winners of the various cafes are properly dramatic at night. Besides, simply walking through the gallery is wonderful.

How to arrive at Al Seef Dubai?

The simplest and most amazing means to attain Al Seef Dubai Creek is to tour via metro. Grab the light and red line at Burjuman metro station. From the station, you can stroll to Al Seef. Make sure the buses are C7 and C10, they have stops at Al Seef.

Al Seef Timings:

  • From Sunday till Wednesday, the timings are from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM.
  • From Thursday till Saturday, the timings are from 10:00 AM till 12:00 AM.