Shawarma Near me - Get the Best one in Sharjah & Dubai

Posted On 25-Aug-2022

Among the broad variety of street foods in the United Arab Emirates. Everyone is searching "Shawarma near me" on Google. No matter whether they are local or international visitors. The reason is that Shawarma is the top outstanding and is examined as a pin food. If you are living in Dubai or Sharjah, prepare your taste buds available while searching through this blog.

Along with this food, you can enjoy the Variety of Arabic Salads or other delicacies in many famous places. Such as morning or overnight desert safari, dhow cruise dinner etc.

Shawarma Near me

leading Areas where you can Rejoice in the Delicious Shawarma in Sharjah:

1. Laffan Cafeteria in Al Majaz:

Strategically discovered in Al Majaz at Sharjah. Laffah Cafeteria fulfils a tremendous choice of timeless meat and chicken variety.

This reasonable cafe also attends to sandwiches and burgers to enhance the food's variety. However, the place is outstanding among locals, the reason for its shawarma specialities. Here, you can select to admire your food in the path you crave it to be fulfilled. Also, plated, served or saj as a feast with fries. Here, you can also buy shawarma per kilo.

Location: Ground Floor - Al Hikma Building - Street 29 - Al Majaz - Sharjah

Price: 20 AED

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2. Falafel Mazraa Cafeteria in Al Soor:

They are serving mutton and chicken varieties. Falafel Mazraa Cafeteria is one of the places in Sharjah. They perform the top accessible foods of this category in the city for as low a price as 5.25 AED.

Location: Opposite King Faisal Saudi Mosque - Street 2 - Al Soor - Sharjah

Price: 10 AED

3. Aroos Damascus in Al Nud:

Get your appetite to the next level of eating out in Aroos Damascus. Not just perform, they perform the biggest goodies in Sharjah. But also, they give al fresco eating and are one of the best diners in the city.

They satisfy a tremendous mixture of food, such as burgers, salads, sandwiches and mixed grills. But they are the top best for their best-biting foods. Must try their shawarma sandwich when you explore Sharjah.

They also administer food for hunger craving consumers. Admire your shawarma with aspect plates, and like hummus for a heavy dinner.

Location: Opposite Emirates NBD - Near First Gulf Bank - King Abdul Aziz Street - Al Nud - Sharjah

Price: 50 AED

4. Farouk Fawaz in Al Majaz:

Farouk Fawaz is also considered the most favourable restaurant in Sharjah. That serves the best quality and the most delicious variations of Shawarma. The traditional chicken and beef are bestsellers. Not only does it give the best-flavour shawarma in the city but also sells them at reasonable rates.

You can eat here for as low as 7 AED. Moreover, you can celebrate with a sandwich, burger or plate of shawarma. Viewpoints are also on the proposal. Select from a tremendous mixture of wall plates to pair with your luxurious plate. Such as rice, cheese, and hummus for as little as 30 AED.

Location: Opposite Al Majaz Park - Jamal Abdul Nasser Street - Al Majaz - Sharjah

Price: 40 AED

5. Eat Route in Abu Shagara:

Admire it in various quantities matching all categories of cravings at Eat Route. With rates that move from 7 AED, you receive one of the delicious shawarmas near me in Sharjah. Must try Plated goodies, served huger is expense rates are economical between 12 AED & 17 AED.

Eat Rout is home to one of the top flavorful Middle Eastern shawarma in Sharjah. Really tasty and rich in taste! If you are living in one of the flats or hotels in Abu Shagara. Then the restaurant is just available close to you.

Location: Bab Dijlah Cars Service Station - Opposite Tasheel - King Abdul Aziz Street h Abu Shagara - Sharjah

Price: 45 AED

The best Shawarma near me Thing in Dubai

Many international visitors or locals are looking to eat the best shawarma near me on Google. If you are relatable with this thing and at the best Shawarma in Dubai. Then we are getting on to presenting the detailed list of restaurants. That is giving the delicious shawarma in Dubai with proper locale.

It is a popular Middle Eastern street food, it has evolved into one of Dubai’s top adored food items. Despite it not existing as a popular food in the United Arab Emirates. It might have arisen in the Levant rather than its aboriginal Arabian Peninsula. However, that isn’t avoided by contending an enviable spot. Among the top admired street food options in the Emirate. Here is the list of diners Selling mouth-watering Shawarma in Dubai.

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1. Al Beiruti:

Some people just announced Al Beiruti as the best Lebanese diner of 2022. Along with the exact justification. While there’s a quantity of conversation over their manakish. As well as its fries (that are served with sumac parmesan, zaatar and yoghurt) It’s the chicken & beef shawarma platters. That proceeds to win the souls of visitors and refresh their stomachs.

You can decide to have simmered fries or broadly cut fries with coleslaw. As well as the side dish can be barbecued potatoes or a salad.

Price: 40 AED (chicken), 42 AED (beef).

Location: Umm Al Sheif - Sheikh Zayed Road

2. Al Laffah Dubai

Laffah Restaurant Dubai is a Syrian diner that proposes delicious shawarma in Dubai. Also, it has various departments in all of the Emirates, encompassing the Sharjah sector, which is one of the top outstanding food diners in Sharjah. Chicken similarly.

First branch:

Location: AfterFatima Abdullah Rashid Mosque - Al Barsha

Second branch:

Location: at Abu Hail

3. Al Falamanki

With an Amazing, low-key feel and satisfying up some of the delicious desserts around Dubai. We’ll never say yes to visiting Al Falamanki. People never decline to take benefit of the tasteful and acerbic fillings of the cuisine. They are served with beef or chicken while we’re there. And we don’t suggest it to you either.

Also, you can enjoy your food with the eggplant, moistened with the mysterious blend (a huge contention for a component but one that drinks nicely that is). Ensure to grind it with hot saj, and you’ll be incredibly satisfied.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road - Jumeirah 2

4. Al Mallah Restaurant:

Al Mallah diner is one of the largely popular restaurants best in giving promising shawarma in Dubai and several Emirates. It is also popular for utilising the top professional Lebanese cooks. They are skilled in readying the top shawarma in Dubai. Citizens and international visitors come to it from all over to savour the top tasteful food dishes.

The diner is also defined by gorgeous ornaments. That enlarges pleasure in the souls of visitors. Besides, it is valuable to note that it has numerous franchises in Dubai.

Location: Al Dhiyafa Street - Al Hudaiba