Guru Nanak Darbar - An Amazing Sikh Temple in Dubai

Posted On 10-Aug-2022

When one remarks on the phrase 'Dubai', the stuff that commonly reaches anybody’s head is elegant buildings. Besides never-stopping Arabian desert escapes and plentiful theme parks. However, Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai is one of those secondary encountered adoration positions. That has facilitated civil variety since the moment immemorial. From customary prayers and adoration assistance to art celebrations and social festivities. The exhibitions at the gurudwara appeal as a gust of fresh air to the guests.

Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

Narratives About Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple

Revamped on 11th July 2016, Monday

Without a suspicion, Dubai city is the location you should select for reasonable medical services and extremely for increased dental services in special hospitals.

These are the fundamental justifications for thousands of international visitors, who select to appear in Dubai every year. As a completely worldwide city, Dubai is the residence of several beliefs, hypotheses and houses of appreciation.

Quick News of Guru Nanak Darbar:

With about 50,000 Sikh residents in Dubai, the culmination of the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple was implied as the door into an artistic and religious temple in 2012.

It is uncovered at Jebel Ali Village and free for the public, the Guru Nanak Darbar is a high-rise resource. It is surrounded by a 54-metre Parikrama. Which is a way of orbiting the temple while pertaining to blessing.

Along with old-themed grillwork and next door to a pond. This Temple was motivated by India's famous attraction, the Golden Temple.

Earning $20 million, the ultimate new gurdwara is an outstanding chunk of architectural layout. A variety of new and old-school skyscrapers were resolved after surveying crucial Sikh memorials all over the public.

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As an indication, it is necessary for each Sikh, with no specified age limit to indicate an elevated affection for the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. On reaching the Manji Sahib, who commonly bends on their knees, perennial caresses the floor with their foreheads.

However, it is deemed a love, respect and affection for a non-Sikh guest to indicate honour to the "Holy Scriptures". By crouching via kneeling or standing still for a moment. Besides, then walking away with a godly indication.

The Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai takes stability and expectation. Numerous years ago, His great Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ruled 25,400 square feet of the region. The Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh temple Dubai covers 100,000 square feet. Distant from that, it is the initial ISO-certified gurudwara on the earth. It is operated by the regional Sikh society and is attended by millions of Sikhs and non-Sikh visitors.

Basic Information about Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

How to Get the Location?

The Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai location is super simple to address. It is discovered within the assumptions of Jebel Ali Gardens. Which stretches out along a freeway relating to the UAE's capital city, Abu Dhabi. From Sheikh Zayed Road, you grab Interchange No. 6 or Exit 25 followed by justice at the late end.

After carrying the first right on entering Jebel Ali Hospital. Then you have to go for the other right. Just on your left, you will get to see, you will discover the grand gurudwara. On the one hand, you are eligible to drop off at Ibn Battuta Metro Station and grab a cab. You will disburse nearly INR 400/- for the excursion. You can also intend your tour on Friday to obtain the free shuttle installation. That is required by the gurdwara between the Guru Nanak Darbar and the Energy Metro Station.

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Opening Hours:

The Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai opening hours are between 4 AM to 9 PM as per the time zone of the United Arab Emirates. The executive office is available from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. During which you can investigate the assistance clasped there. Besides, book any of the assistance given. Such as ‘darshan’ or visiting hours of the shrine are held between 4:30 AM till 8:30 PM.

What To Encounter When Touring Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

disregarding your nationality, caste or race, you will be warmly greeted here to dedicate the recognition of life. Besides, understand about ideologies of the early lifestyle of the Khalsa. At the famously exaggerated prayer auditorium, you can settle with the formal Sikh guests and learn the kirtans and spiritual statements.

The three times meal (langar), a free food fulfilment is the promising experience you will get at Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai. Here, you will be placed on the ground and can admire delightful vegetarian Indian food readied in the gurdwara kitchen with complete hygienic regulations.

The Construction Of Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

Assembled in 2012. However, the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh synagogue in Dubai shows off both conventional and modern architectural ingredients. While joining the assumptions, you will discover the 54-metre-long course encircling the gurdwara.

Also understood as ‘Parikrama’, this course has to be coated on a hoof while you pray to the all-powerful. The three-level planning also captions wonderful grillwork around the course. Besides, a huge pond where the supporters can put up a holy bath. It approximates the ‘Sarovar’ in the guise of the popular Golden Temple situated in India.

Stuff To Learn While Attending Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

The Guru Nanak Darbar positioned in the United Arab Emirates is operated by warm-hearted supporters. Also, there are no limitations on touring at all. Hence, no matter what your religion is, you can tour it and that too for free. Here is some advice to remember you should keep in your head while touring the gurdwara:

  • To indicate admiration for Sikhism, both male and female guests must wrap their heads with any piece of cloth. If you don’t have one, then the people of the gurdwara would give it to you at the gurdwara properties.
  • Wearing Shoes inside the gurdwara is not authorised. So, it is proposed to throw your shoes in the shoe rack area that is placed outside.
  • The gurdwara has an attractive environment where the complete condiment is provided. You should dissuade from putting on revealing outfits or short outfits. Cover an outfit around instead.
  • If you are touring with a massive group, ensure to tell through mail or phone in advance. So that the management can create reasonable sitting arrangements and settings for food.