Bounce Abu Dhabi - A Complete Guide for Visitors

Posted On 22-Nov-2022

The Influencing improvement in Abu Dhabi is one of the top overpowering indoor stages in a piece of the Emirates. Here you will be given every one of the hair-raising satisfying practices for the children, likewise concerning the grown-ups. Especially like the winding around the illustrious home in Dubai is something remarkable at a skipping place. The Influence of Abu Dhabi is prominent. Plus, it is a straight improvement to the record of interest and conspicuous places to visit in Abu Dhabi. It is the top amazing and family-obliging spot to investigate and play with your friends and family. Ahead of time you get to see current genuine variables of Skip Abu Dhabi, you would start coordinating a visit through this voyager's advantage of Abu Dhabi city. It is the genuine free-form kind of yard for each age pack.

Influence Abu Dhabi was opened on the first of November 2018. It has framed into one of the promising indoor stages. They are proposing enchanting and drawing exercises for youngsters and grown-ups as well. After the monster accomplishment of Influence Dubai. A welcome improvement to the UAE's rundown of magnificent family-obliging interests. Here we will have a gigantic conversation about Influence Abu Dhabi.

Bounce Abu Dhabi - A Detailed Introduction

Bounce Abu Dhabi

Brought down Environment:

Skip Abu Dhabi is a free-form court with its starting in Melbourne, Australia. These days, they control 32 locales across four central districts. It also has an extraordinary presence in the Bound together Center Easterner Emirates. Nearby divisions working in Dubai city, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain city.

"Skip" is straightforward yet invigorating. The indoor get-together has interlinked trampolines. Nearby airbags to pound your drop!

Several Extra Things to Do:

Kids from something like 3 can't avoid being 3 years of age. In like manner, grown-ups can respect a performer of adrenaline-siphoning works out. For example, zip-lining, 'ninja' get courses, and annihilating. Skip Abu Dhabi Bouncing center is correspondingly one of the promising attractions in the Emirate. For guests to convey their inside gymnasts.

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After its amazing achievement in Al Qouz, Dubai. It is constrained to deliver in UAE's capital city in the year 2018. This is an amazingly huger in-floor size than Skip Dubai.

Thusly, whether you are a daredevil or a well-being buff. Expecting someone to see a colossal locale to assist jokes with having some certified work, Weave Abu Dhabi at Marina Shopping center is an interest with investigation and respect.

Might we at any point further investigate the packs for their ticket cost and the specific district? So you won't confront any issues showing up.

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Ticket Price:

Bounce Abu Dhabi nourishes an enormous assortment of tickets and pocket-friendly packages for travelers. Furthermore, you will get free parking areas at Marina Mall. However take note that since you come across a central medium in Abu Dhabi, it is adequate to have it coming to your tickets in advance.

Here is an overview of its latest ticket prices:

1. General Entry:

The first hour's price is 85 AED. Similarly, for the second hour, the price reduces to 70 AED. This access is reasonable for jumpers protracted than 3.7 ft.

2. Junior Members:

The first hour's price is 75 AED. Similarly, for the second hour, its cost goes to 60 AED. This access is useful for candidates shorter than 3.7 ft.

3. Premium Access:

The first hour's price is 105 AED. Similarly, for the second hour, the cost reduces to 90 AED

4. BOUNCE 2-Hour Superpass:

It demands 120 AED for 2 hours.

5. Multiple Visit Cards or MVP:

This membership can adjust 5 visit cards for the lump sum price of 400 AED

  • Also, get 10 visit cards for 750 AED
  • 20 visit cards for 1350 AED

Location and Opening Hours:


The venue is located on the First Floor of the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours:

  • From Saturday to Wednesday, the opening times are from 10:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night.
  • From Thursday to Friday, the opening times are from 10:00 in the morning till midnight | especially for lady's day

Things to Encounter at Bounce Abu Dhabi

The opportunity for these exercises is phenomenally obliterating. The indoor discussion of the court has interrelated trampolines with all the airbags. These are the going with works out, you should information someplace close to once in your life.

Free Jumping:

The young people can see the worth in the re-skipping starters in the room. What's more, the weave spotlights have 100+ interlinked trampolines and the regions are hugely radiant and particular.

X Park:

You will get to find X Park at Weave Abu Dhabi. It is the locale, where you should work like a Ninja out of the blue. You hold the X Park behind the wall inside the area. This point in Abu Dhabi is available to all guests and has a length of 4.1 ft.


Dodgeball is an exclusive activity, which you can esteem both with your squad. At the Bounce Abu Dhabi, you get the two top pleasuring Dodgeball palaces. Similarly, here you can charitably take benefit of joining together one squad. That can accommodate around eight performers. When you enter the playground, you will fetch tremendous airbags. comprising a quantity of 200 cubic meters of oxygen.


You will get to regard one more improvement here named "Performance". This is one of the top intriguing exercises for sports darlings. Performance is the statement of the made field of the "free skipping" zone. The locale has a 5.5 m propagation board. Besides, it is a wonderful spot for the jumpers to trap the level. It is a colossal position, where you can show your athletic cutoff points. Also as you can deal with working on your flexibility and strength.

The Big Bag:

Before you plan your visit to the strong trampolines. You can brilliantly practice the skips. Additionally, the flips on the significance of the Huge Pack. The Gigantic Tremendous Pack has a hard and fast focus of 5 feet. Likewise, individuals here are shown to coordinate a vital distance. So all guests can achieve a genuine showing of the area and avoid wounds.