Dubai Frame – An Epic Attraction to Explore

Posted On 21-Mar-2023

As you approach Zabeel Park, you'll see a massive structure rising 150 feet into the air. This impressive edifice features a beautiful golden exterior and resembles a giant setting, known as the "Dubai Frame".

This architectural masterpiece took almost five years to build and was opened to the public on January 1, 2018. The surface of the Dubai Frame is adorned with a detailed logo of Expo 2020. It covers the entire aluminum and glass structure. The Golden Frame city is one of the most exciting attractions to discover in this magnificent city.

The setting chosen to introduce this setup is also exceptionally rare. When Dubai city aimed to construct a structure. It commissioned creators to produce something exceptional that would stand out. A plan proposed by design expert Fernando Doris encapsulated all of the outcomes of the golden city in a single location.

This is how the concept of a structure came to him. His design was approved and authorized by Dubai Municipality for construction.

Dubai Frame - An Epic Attraction for Tourists

Al Bastakiya in Old Dubai

The structure known as the Dubai Frame has two buildings positioned 93 meters apart and connected by a bridge. Initially, the architects planned to construct a completely transparent glass bridge.

However, they later realized that some people may suffer from acrophobia and would be unable to appreciate the Dubai Frame. As a result, only partial glass was used for the bridge, which links the two observatories.

Apart from the Dubai Frame, many other exciting tourist destinations in the city attract visitors from all over the world.

If you visit the Dubai Frame at night, the entire structure is illuminated with a constantly changing light show. The shining gold panels against the backdrop of transforming lights make for a captivating sight.

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The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park, which is one of the largest parks in the city of gold. There is no other tall observatory nearby, which gives it a towering configuration.

It affords a clear view of the city's gold skyline. The Guardian has dubbed the Dubai Frame. As the world's most impressive artificial frame.

Best Time to Visit:

To witness the most stunning moments at the Dubai Frame, it is recommended to visit during the evening or at sunset. This will allow you to observe the city of gold basking in the light of the sun, the sunset, and the glowing neon lights.

It's best to avoid visiting during periods of excessive fog or dust, as the view may not be as pristine. Additionally, the Dubai Frame serves as an educational and entertaining attraction. It provides insight into the vision of the monarchs and the successful implementation of their plans.

It's fascinating to see how the once vast and arid Arabian desert has been transformed into one of the world's top habitable oases, catering to all modern amenities.

The contrasting views of the traditional "Heritage" Old Dubai and the contemporary "Young-hip-occurrence" new city perspective. It blends seamlessly, creating an overall awe-inspiring experience.

Fascinating Information:

The attraction was designed as a captivating tourist attraction that embodies the essence of the city. Each day, thousands of visitors eagerly wait in line to witness two distinct city views simultaneously.

To ensure the safety and comfort of guests, only 200 people are permitted to access the main bridge every hour. It is allowing as many people as possible to appreciate the magnificence of the attraction.

Here are some intriguing facts about the Dubai Frame:

  • The construction of the Dubai Frame required over 9,900 cubic meters of reinforced material.
  • A staggering 2,000 tons of steel were used to complete the attraction's structure.
  • The Dubai Frame features 48 floors in total.
  • Approximately 2,900 square yards of glass were incorporated into the design.
  • The aspect ratio of the structure is 1:1.618, also known as the golden ratio. However, the designer has chosen to deviate from this mathematical principle.


After receiving your admission ticket, a brief wait of approximately 15-20 minutes may ensue. During this time, you will be serenaded by an Arabic melody and greeted by a colossal entity resembling a massive serpent. That undulates gracefully to add an exceptional flair to the mezzanine's ceiling.

The vestibule outside boasts captivating water fountains. Your journey will commence from the Mezzanine balcony, a museum exhibiting relics from the city's past, including various historical artifacts.

The entire experience is immersive, akin to an exclusive multi-dimensional museum,

  • featuring beautiful frames
  • audiovisual films
  • objects commemorating significant dates

such as in 1971 when the recent Airport Terminal - 1 was constructed.

If beholding a panoramic and theatrical 360-degree vista of the futuristic metropolis is something you relish. Then the optimal plan would be to visit the Dubai Frame during either the summer or winter season of this year.

The Future:

The Sky Deck, located nearby, showcases the city of the future with its avant-garde predictions of what lies ahead. The display is both opaque and highly abstract, featuring robots, web-covered facilities, and hovercrafts. The leaders and the government are striving to garner enthusiasm for the future of multiple planets.

This is a must-visit destination, and the journey to the future feels like a mere moment's trip. As you find yourself transported to completely different realms.

Everything appears far removed from contemporary existence, but that is precisely where the city of gold is leading the charge. Its majesties have taken the reins to shape the city into a future that has yet to be imagined by many


Visiting hours are available daily from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. But it's worth noting that timings may vary during Ramadan and public holidays. Therefore, it's advisable to double-check before planning your visit

Entry Ticket:

The access ticket for a single person is AED 50. However, youngsters between the ages of 3 to 12 years old can pass at a reasonable price of AED 20 per head. Kids below the age of 3 can pass in for free.

Besides, guests with disabilities and two accompanying guests are allowed to enter for free.

Important Things to Acknowledge Before You Explore:

  • No pets are authorized to take inside.
  • No food or drinks from outside are authorized.
  • No smoking inside.
  • You're not permitted to hop on the glass base.
  • You must dress appropriately.