Balloon Flights Dubai - Embark on a Breathtaking Adventure

Posted On 16-May-2023

If you possess a yearning for thrilling pursuits in Dubai, yet you harbor doubts regarding the worth of hot air balloon voyages above the awe-inspiring topography of the Arabian Desert, relinquish all your presumptions.

This escapade is unquestionably an essential endeavor during your Dubai sojourn. Henceforth, the Desert Safari Corporation boasts an exclusive in-house assemblage of seasoned facilitators for this captivating venture. Their primary aim is to assist you in assessing this expedition, which ought to be a priority on your wanderlust catalog, ensuring the utmost safety and unfettered enjoyment.

This exhaustive manual encompasses a plethora of facets, encompassing an assortment of packages, suggestions for optimal encounters, and intricate particulars of every airborne odyssey.

Balloon Flights Dubai - An Ultimate Fun

Balloon Flights Dubai

Quick Facts:

  • The Dubai Desert Safari AE offers aerial excursions in Dubaii via hot air balloons, placing utmost importance on safety and implementing rigorous supervision.
  • Resembling the activity of paragliding, this enterprise was founded in October 202 to grant patrons an exclusive and secure hot air balloon adventure in Dubai.
  • Their collection comprises impeccably serviced and grandiose balloons, including A6 WOW and A6 OMG, capable of accommodating up to 66 guests.

Noteworthy Tips & Other Things To Understand Before Your Visit:

  • To circumvent eleventh-hour predicaments, it is crucial to procure your hot air balloon passes ahead of time. On the eve preceding your escapade, ensure to indulge in an early supper and attain sufficient rest. As the day of your journey dawns, endeavor to rise early and don suitable attire.
  • Opt for garments that provide comfort and facilitate effortless entry into the basket, while also considering the option of layering (if necessary). As the sun rises over the Arabian desert, be mindful of potential temperature fluctuations and the emergence of chilly winds.
  • To seize the awe-inspiring vistas on your expedition, remember to carry your smartphone, camera, or any comparable apparatus. Nevertheless, refrain from bringing valuable possessions to the site, as no storage facility is accessible. In the case of possessing costly gear, such as a NIKON or DSLR camera. Take precautions by affixing it to your person to mitigate any potential harm caused by altitude.
  • Refrain from indulging in smoking or partaking in alcoholic beverages before or during the excursion. Additionally, it is prudent to forgo this undertaking if you are expecting a child. Encounter any back or neck ailments, or have undergone surgical procedures in the recent past.
  • While this pursuit is available throughout the entire year, the optimal period. So they could relish these escunfoldingnfolds during the winter season, specifically spanning from November to April.

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Rationales That Make You Explore Balloon Flights?


The aeronauts responsible for the Balloon Flights possess exceptional expertise and certifications, honed over more than ten years of practice. Their distinguished careers encompass navigating balloons across diverse destinations, including Russia, India, Turkey, and Spain.

Positive Reviews:

Their extraordinary provision of services has amassed copious amounts of five-star appraisals, propelling them to attain a position of high regard within the industry. However, it is not merely our endorsement that speaks volumes. We encourage you to peruse their review section, where contented patrons express their sentiments. It is about the indelible and joyous encounters they've had with Balloon Flights.

Satisfactory & Newest Equipment:

Balloon Flights prides itself on showcasing an assortment of colossal and awe-inspiring balloons that stand unparalleled in the region. Simultaneously, they uphold one of the most exemplary safety track records within the industry.

Top-level Safety:

The paramount concern of Balloon Flights revolves around the safety and welfare of their passengers. Also, they leave no stone unturned in implementing requisite precautions to guarantee a flight experience that is both tranquil and safeguarded.


Furthermore, Balloon Flights is renowned for its unwavering commitment to utmost integrity. A virtue that is unmistakably demonstrated through its accreditation and unwavering endorsement. It receives from a team of extensively seasoned professionals in the commercial sphere.

What occurs in the Balloon Flight?

1. Get up Early & Enjoy a Warm Welcome

The commencement of the daybreak expedition entails a punctual retrieval from your chosen destination within the city of DubaCity. Subsequently, you shall be conveyed to the take-off site situated in the Margham Dubai vicinity. An esteemed hub is renowned for skydiving enthusiasts.

Upon reaching your destination, an exchange of warm hospitality awaits you at the reception majlis. From there traditional treats such as cookies, dates, coffee, and tea shall be cordially served.

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2. Converge the Preps

After undergoing an all-encompassing safety orientation conducted by our proficient team. It includes a meticulous instructional video, you will advance toward the launch site. It is situated approximately 10-15 minutes distant from the reception majlis.

As a passenger, you have the option to actively engage in the groundwork and expansion of the balloon. They are allowing you to observe the operation of cutting-edge equipment that propels the balloon skyward with remarkable efficiency

3. the Aerwith ial sights of the morning beauty in the Arabian Desert

Upon reaching full inflation and attaining readiness for departure. An exhilarating sensation awaits you as the Earth seems to gracefully recede from view. While you ascend and descend in tandem with the morning breezes.

Elevated to an altitude surpassing 4,000 feet, a spellbinding spectacle of the sunrise shall unfold before your eyes. They are offering an ideal opportunity to seize awe-inspiring photographs while suspended amidst the aerial expanse. Moreover, the captivating panorama of the desert terrain shall unfold beneath you. Also, they are bestowing an enchanting vantage point from above.

4. Breakfast & Other Fun

Depending on the package you choose for your flight, you can indulge in a lavish breakfast featuring a diverse menu of Middle Eastern. Continental, and Asian flavors, following your tour in the air. Besides, established on your appreciation, you may opt for add-ons including camel or horse riding & Falcon photography sessions.

5. Flight Certificate then Drop Off

The entire voyage culminates with your seamless transportation back to your place of residence. It is accompanied by an air travel memento adorned with the signature of your captain. This special keepsake shall be presented to you at a designated location of your preference, contingent upon availability.

The Finish Line:

We have a strong belief that our comprehensive guidance through the Dubai Desert Safari AE. The expeditionary manual has successfully persuaded you to incorporate this thrilling adventure into your Dubai itinerary. These tailor-made flight packages also make for splendid gifts, capable of bringing sheer delight to your loved ones. Furthermore, this remarkable journey has the power to elevate any special occasion. We are ensuring it becomes an unforgettable and cherished memory.