Oli Oli- A Lovely Museum for Kids in Dubai

Posted On 13-July-2022

Oli Oli in Dubai necessarily exists to its title. It is transmitting a remarkable and outstanding fascinating encounter. That will apprehend your kid’s vision. Besides, they have their appeal to appear back for extra fun.

Skip your fancy shopping mall soft play area. This practical kid’s museum is completely a family treasure. Excellent for those heated or polluted days for the Dubai city tour. The emphasis here is all on memorising through the show. It is similar to no additional indoor platform in Dubai. Moreover, it wonderfully combines scientific beliefs with inventiveness and fantasy.

Oli Oli Dubai

What are the Things to do at Oli Oli Dubai

Oli Oli Dubai is distributing more than two exceptional foundations of finding. An exploration of Oli Oli will bring you to eight multiple museums. Along with more than 40 hands-on displays in your voyage around the showroom.

Most presentations are lasting, though there will be provisional shows and projects all over the year. Including “Museum of the Moon” and as they carried on the preceding school vacations Game. As well as a real-life challenge to us. It is a topical strike with kids 2 to 16 years old.

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Investigation of the museum on a formal tour undertaken in the glow and immense Air Gallery. However, from where you can assemble hovercrafts and rockets. To encounter the force and pressure of a cyclone in Hurricane Booth. Also, a watch's colourful bandannas struggle their path around the storm caves.


Your excursion around the Oli Oli museum in Dubai will reimburse you to the ground floor. It gets wet. Actually, with the furnished stickers. It can be a humid occurrence in the water museum. Where you will get to enjoy many water activities. But they necessarily redeem the promise for last!

From the field of engineering to the field of physics. children will be so consumed with examining, here that I ensure they won’t realize they’re understanding. You will get to discover 10 displays in one area. Your children can feel everything from water artillery to a car wash activity with wonderful finishing senses!

Toshi’s Nets:

Attempt as I might to protect the promising for ultimate, let’s be straightforward, this is exactly what they've appeared for. Like overseeing the Oli Oli's ground floor, these are huge nylon nets. They are portion court and role trampoline. It is manufactured by Japanese textile and material artist known as Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. you can find outa occasional additional things around the world. Such as the scandalous Nets Castle establishment at the Hokage Open-air Museum, Japan.

They play monuments or nets in Oli Oli Dubai as the makers settle them. They are formulated for not just manual exercise. But also, it is used to learn via exploration and risk-taking activities. It’s a completely glamorous kid’s playground. That is necessarily one of the Globetrotter's top remarkable encounters.

Moreover, It’s a challenge to pull them out but after a reasonable elevation and move over it. There are yet generous additional things to explore in the Oli Oli Dubai. NB grippy socks compelled for it too. It has availability if you didn’t get any of them. You can purchase from the entrance.

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Creative Lab:

It’s the moment to launch curving their imaginative strengths. This uncertain area is utilized for numerous activities and provisional exhibits throughout the year.

During our previous tour, it was the intersection of numerous Game On. Some thrilling activities containing

  • Dance Revolution
  • Hi-Five & Aerial Skee-ball for the physical activity
  • Hand-eye coordination with numerous tech equipment

Future Park:

Leading the way upstairs directly and through the curtains to a beclouded area. You’ll encounter the imaginative atmosphere of Future Park. There’s something glamorous and outstanding about the best Future Park zone. From the smallest kids to adults. They would cherish the reception happening in this room.

Massive Neon balls are the acme for your small ones. whilst ancienter children will appreciate bringing aptitude. Along with colourful ocean animals or active road spectacles. From which can then be launched onto massive interactive networks.

Forts & Dens:

Immediately notify me of a kid that doesn’t relish assembling forts and dens. In a creative and outdoor play area. The basic stuff is furnished for you with several rigid patterns and blankets. But then it’s up to their vision what your children can define the scene.

Toddler Area:

The small ones are nicely catered for in this museum in the Oli Oli. Along with tinier-sized play gear, ascent and slips.

Cars & Ramps:

It’s the moment to give imaginativeness (Also I’m barely speaking about the children. I've watched several mamas and dads. Along with knowledgeable expressions rolling up their sleeves at the Oli Oli Museum!)

Establish your cars and review the statutes of physics in this entertainment hands-on museum. It’s all prosecution and misstep as you invent your racing vehicle and examine it on the roads.

Health and Safety Regulations at Oli Oli Dubai in 2022

Straight before extra COVID safety standards, there’s constantly been an outstanding degree of awareness. It is provided for the sanitizing and cleanliness at Oli Oli.

  • Social distancing using decreased capability has been inaugurated. So barely an utmost of 12 children are authorized per 30 minutes. It is generously under Dubai statutory approaches.
  • Wearing a face mask is required for all kids above 2 years old in chains. Along with recent UAE Government suggestions.

Some Additional Information for your visit to Oli Oli Dubai

Barely off the beaten road, for travellers at least. You’ll wish for Google Maps for discovering Oli Oli in a differently peaceful industrial neighbourhood of Dubai.


  • 62 4 A St _ Al Quoz 1 _Dubai
  • It is located second to Oasis Centre
  • Slight car park space on-site. Or you can go for the paid street parking option.


  • From 9:00 AM to 7:00 on Saturday till Thursday. It remains open until 8 pm, especially on Fridays.
  • Ramadan timing at Oli Oli Dubai may fluctuate.