Dubai Ice Rink - Enjoy Ice Gliding All Day Long

Posted On 27-July-2022

When you crave a vacation from the summer's heat that Dubai city has on invitation close to 24/7. The Dubai Ice Rink is only the position to exist! Placed on the Dubai Mall's ground floor. The Dubai Ice Rink is an Olympic sort gliding rink. That broadens straight up to the second floor.

An excellent position to loosen up in between eating out, shopping and adoring the magnificence. That is the Burj Khalifa and Mall Fountain given to the visitors. The Ice Rink is the favourite locale to loosen up and discover multiple things to do about ice-skating.

Dubai Ice Rink

The Dubai Ice Rink - Things to Know Before You Visit

The ideal time for Tour:

Quick vacancy hours or afternoons ( when the city's temperature is hot)


Starting pricing of the Dubai Ice Rink Ticket is 85 AED only. However, the recommended duration to glide is 90 minutes to 120 minutes

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Mid Attraction of Aquarium and Souk, Ground Floor, Dubai Mall


From Monday till Friday from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

However, on Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Some Insider Directions for Touring Dubai Ice Rink:

  • Always buy your tickets in advance. Although you can purchase tickets in person. It’s reasonable to pre-buy your tickets to prevent crowds and the dissatisfaction of not receiving any at the previous moment.
  • There are quantities of choices usable for ice-skating tasks. Grab one that matches your desires and intentions the most. Relying on how convinced you are about your abilities. You could grab a learner/a professional task. There’s a Disco Ice Skating contest, organization, and/or personal courses.
  • Put on satisfied clothing, but also assure it matches well. Prevent ill-fitting or loose pants and big jackets. Particularly if your skating tour contains an IceByke.
  • Make sure that you pair your clothes with heavy shoes, socks and gloves, etc. Presently, you can either take your personal, or rent or buy some pairs from the Dubai Ice Rink.
  • Don’t take any cell phones, electronics items, or sharp items while you’re going on the ice rink.
  • Lockers are accessible for your things safekeeping and valuable things. However, it costs AED 15 per session.

Why Should You Visit an Ice Rink?

  • 1. It is the snow-served pause you didn’t realize you desired from the flaming heat in Dubai.
  • 2. Toss on your skating gear and get prepared for your fulfilled 90-minutes round attempting to equalize and glide on snow.
  • 3. It's the precise location to loosen up and relieve yourself after a long day with your squad and family.
  • 4. Get ultimate entertainment during your ice-skating trials, particular balcony tournaments. As well as the settlement food counters will eternally be at your assistance.
  • 5. The 'Dubai Snowfall' encourages you to admire a passionate skating with your friend as a covering of white snow wraps you.

Best Facts to Experience at the Dubai Ice Rink

  • 1. If you’re a learner and planning to read up on ice skating. Or we can say, you're an ingredient of the wider populace who almost needs to crouch and enjoy others. The municipal training trials that are administered are a promising way for you. To either sharpen your mastery or loosen up and retain big fun seeing.
  • 2. For professional ice skaters, who wish to boost their sketch skating abilities. They must go for the freestyle skating option. That is true for most things to perform at the Dubai Ice Rink.
  • 3. The Dubai Snowfall not just enlarges the genuineness of your ice-skating knowledge. However, it also behaves as the precise background for a passionate evening with your partner.
  • 4. The DJ Night Disco conducts a 2-hour contest, where the Ice Rink modifies completely. It swivels into a highly athletic dance/disco ground with a citizen DJ to fascinate you completely.

Why Should You Purchase Dubai Ice Rink Tickets?

The Dubai Ice Rink is an ideal activity for locals and international visitors likewise. As it IS an excellent means to pause all the warmth. Therefore, lengthy pausing chains are realistic. Here are a few Ice Rink tickets you can purchase, so you can conserve time & dime:

Combo Coupons:

There are several temptations that you can tour around the Dubai Ice Rink. Besides, if you're scheduling on touring extra then that. Then pick the combo coupons. You can associate your Ice Rink coupons with the coffee from IMG world, At the Top in Burj Khalifa or the Frame area. You will get them just for an occasional extra dirhams.

How to Reach the Ice Rink?

By Bus:

Two buses assist from The Dubai Mall run every 16 minutes. However, route 27 from the Deira area of Gold Souk depot. As well as, 29 routes from Ghubaiba bus depot. The buses reach and emigrate from the traveller drop-off region. They are uncovered in a cloak of the Grand Drive Entrance. Which is on the mall's Lower Ground Floor.

By Metro:

The closest metro station is the Dubai Mall station or Burj Khalifa. It which is within walking duration of the Mall, if you utilize the Metro Link Bridge. On the other side, affluent buses overhaul the mall rapidly with drop-offs of frequent passengers daily.

By Car:

If you’re scheduling to hustle in from the centre of Dubai. Then grab the early interaction and get on to the Financial Centre Road.

The parking Space of Dubai Ice Rink:

If you're bossed to Dubai Mall to attend the Ice Rink. Then the top suitable parking area is the Cinema Parking P3.

Nearby Diners at the Dubai Ice Rink

While the Dubai Ice Rink possesses your criterion food settlement sits for a sudden bite. Besides, there are various tremendous diners around it too. A few of them are:


One of the biggest diners in the city for Asian (additional precisely Japanese) cuisine. It is the area to be! Popular for its ramen, Wagamama is an excellent location to be when you’re starving to feed immediate service.

Distance: 0 km

Tribes Carnivore:

This diner is an excellent location to analyze, and indulge in what is commonly understood as African cuisine. Although they’re popular for their delicious cheeseburgers and steaks. The sediment ensured that they were a vegetarian-friendly diner too. The impressions of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain boost the meal pleasure.

Distance: 0.3 km

The Cheesecake Factory:

A one-stop store for each food and cuisine you can comprehend, The Cheesecake Factory is distinct to put forward your moods every time you tour. Oh Furthermore, don’t ignore the taste of the cheesecake - it’s in the title!

Distance: 0.1 km

Social House:

As the name indicates, Social House is the place to loosen up after hectic days of shopping and examining the fancy mall. An accepted centre of cuisines, the impressions. Besides, the layout is sufficient to yank you in and ensure you that you don’t realize it like evacuating.

Distance: 0.2 km


Mediterranean dining that brings about you touring the diner over and over too, Awani is a position with immediate precise impressions and excellent food. With choices ton for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or high tea and brunch. You’re assured to retain a reasonable time.

Distance: 0.2 km