Khorfakkan Dubai - Endless Fun in Hidden Gem

Posted On 20-Jun-2023

Khorfakkan, a bustling urban hub in the Sharjah emirate of Dubai, is renowned for its effectiveness. It is also tucked away like a priceless pearl amid the expanse of the Oman Sea.

Apart from the magnificent Hajar Mountains, which are strengthening its relevance, it only has one large, functioning port.

Our schedule includes a journey from Dubai and tneighboring areaseas to Khorfakkan, giving you the chance to experience its majesty up close.

We will depart from Dubai at dawn in a tough off-road vehicle and go towards the northeastern region. You can also choose to use the E311 transport service, which will take you directly to your selected location, out of Sharjah Airport.

Heading to Khorfakkan in Dubai

Khorfakkan Dubai

The Sharjah authorities' most recent construction of a new road is an impressive technological achievement. It has significantly shortened journey time from the busy city of Dubai by 50%, from approximately 90 minutes to an astounding 40 minutes. Due to the lack of heavy-duty vehicles and tractor-trailers along the route, this feat was accomplished.

This road splits off from Emirates Road in Sharjah, commonly known as E311 or Bypass Road, creating several routes. comprising five underground passageways and covering over 89 kilometers.

Every underground passageway cutting across the rocky Hajar Mountains enhances your journey and increases how simple driving is. With a width of 2.5 km, the largest tunnel is the widest onshore one in the Middle East. Khorfakkan may be reached directly from Dubai thanks to the immaculately paved road that leads there.

The location of a certain restaurant along the way, though, can put you off.

The roadway that stretches on either side has a surface that appears to be seamless and resembles pa polished pavement. If Khor Fakkan is your ultimate destination, relax and take in the tranquility

It might be thrilling to travel through the Hajar Mountain range. The gusts might quickly grow stronger and smallerTourists frequently cite the Hajar Mountain range as one of the oldest mountain ranges on the earth. Even though they aren't particularly high, they stand out for being rocky and decorated with interesting topographical features.

Along the coastline of Khorfakkan, these magnificent peaks will act as a barrier to keep you and your companions safe, at times entwining with the water itself.

Khorfakan Al Rufasah Dam:

Beyond the typical tourist attractions, a remarkable reservoir is waiting. The atmosphere around the dam is alluring, peaceful, and tranquil, and it can tempt you to remain longer. During monsoon season, it comes to life. The wealth of azure water that can envelop your senses and feed your spirit is displayed at Ar Rufasah Dam. A dam's presence in the Arabian desert is an extraordinary and impressive sight to behold.

There is a rare opportunity for contemplation because so few brave travelers are willing to go out for this location. Take pictures, observe the abundance of vegetation nearby, and enjoy some well-earned tranquility. The lake, reservoir, sun, and environment seamlessly combine to create an amazing symphony at both dawn and evening.

Khor Fakkan Beach:

The most stunning coastline in the United Arab Emirates is Khor Fakkan Beach, which exudes an unmatched sense of solitude, clarity, and tranquility This beach offers an unmatched experience, especially when viewed from a distance, as it is nestled close to the Hajar Mountains. It is the ideal place to take refuge from the heat, unwind, and enjoy the peace while taking in the calming rhythm of the ocean's soft tide.

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The United Arab Emirates Khor Fakkan shoreline is unmatched in beauty and exudes a sense of isolation, clarity, and complete tranquility. This coast offers a great opportunity for ttravelerstraveler to tangible experience, especially while viewing its majesty from a distance. It is nestled against the spectacular Hajar Mountains. It provides a haven for people to relax and find inner harmony while embracing the peaceful rhythm of the ocean, making it the perfect vacation spot for sun worshippers.

Khorfakkan Beach Best Highlights

The indigenous people who live along Khorfakkan's coastline offer a broad variety of interesting and plentiful sports. These include taking in the diverse marine flora and wildlife or drifting off to sleep while enjoying the waves' calming, rhythmic symphony.

The pleasure of relaxing on the beach is similar to getting lost in a good book and enjoying a non-alcoholic mojito. Khorfakkan Beach offers a satisfying experience, and there are a variety of things you can do there.

1. Shark Island:

Even though some people might feel uneasy, it's important to stay put because Khorfakkan Beach has never had a shark attack reported. Contrarily, visitors get the opportunity to take in the breathtaking spectacle of black-tip reef sharks, which is especially evident from November to April. A popular activity that allows you the possibility of seeing numerous fish and turtles is snorkeling. Nevertheless, it is advisable to pay attention to your surroundings.

Khorfakkan Beach offers a comprehensive leisure experience. The plan is to employ BBQ facilities, luxurious tents, cozy mats, and a large number of friends for entertainment. Even leisurely activities can bring a sense of enjoyment, whether you enjoy jogging, running, swimming, diving, relaxing, or just taking it easy on the calm seas.

2. Dibba Island:

The amazing and frequently breathtaking marine life that may be found at Khorfakkan Beach is not adequately described in a traditional guidebook. Dibba Island is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts since it offers a remarkable variety of underwater sights that snorkelers must see for themselves. Even a small dive can engage your senses and improve your trip. The island is home to a wide variety of marine creatures, such as:

  • jawfish
  • turtles
  • Clownfishbatfish
  • A hodgepodge of soft & stony coral

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3. Coral Gardens:

We must put up with that sunken life is not everything about

  • The conspicuously nice clown fish
  • The eight-limbed octopus
  • chilling sharks
  • quick sailfish
  • The smart dolphins
  • The jumbo whales
  • The reliable sardines

The amazing and frequently breathtaking marine life that resides in Khorfakkan Beach is difficult for a traditional guidebook to capture. Dibba Island in Dubai city is a popular destination for watersports enthusiasts since it offers snorkelers an exceptional variety of underwater sights to see. Any dive, no matter how shallow, can fascinate your senses and improve your voyage. The island is home to a wide range of marine species, including:

Friday Market:

You're sure to be intrigued or in wonder after learning about these three unusual items that were found in this market:

  • Fruits
  • Earthen Potteries
  • Carpets

Despite its name, the Friday Market is open every day, including Fridays, and functions much like a bustling trade floor. It is a wonderful chance to go and take beautiful pictures showcasing a variety of fresh fruits and beautifully crafted pottery. If you are a skilled photographer, the sellers are aware of this and will happily smile and pose for you so you can get the perfect shot.

Khor Fakkan Travel & Timings

Despite its name, the Friday Market is open every day, including Fridays, and functions much like a bustling trade floor. It is a wonderful chance to go and take beautiful pictures showcasing a variety of fresh fruits and beautifully crafted pottery. If you are a skilled photographer, the sellers are aware of this and will happily smile and pose for you so you can get the perfect shot.

The journey, which snakes its way towards the opulent and modern Khor Fakkan Road, takes around 20 minutes. You will arrive at the captivating coastline after a pleasant 45-minute journey, where you may take in the breathtaking scenery.