The Lost Chamber Aquarium - An Epic Dubai Underwater Adventure

Posted On 08-Aug-2023

Children and adults alike are drawn to the city center's Abandoned Caves Aquatic Haven.

This garden, which is located inside the famous Atlantis The Palm Tower, is the most lavish one. Additionally, it provides the local community with an unrivaled realm for education and entertainment. Dubai is quickly establishing itself as a sought-after vacation spot for visitors from all over the world. It has a wide range of hotel options, retail centers, and attractions to let you relax before going on an adventure.

The legend of the lost city of Atlantis serves as the inspiration for this article's name. It tells the tale of a Dubai city sanctuary and takes you to see the nearly 65,000 marine life residents.

The entire building is made of underwater walkways and mazes with about 20 displays each. You can interact with a wide variety of aquatic animals as a result.

  • perilous sharks
  • piranhas
  • eels
  • lobsters
  • turtles
  • seahorses

Lost Chambers Aquarium - An Enchanting Intro

Lost Chamber Aquarium Dubai


You may locate it within Dubai, the opulent city of riches in the United Arab Emirates, at the magnificent Atlantis The Palm resort.


You are free to explore this intriguing location whenever suits you, from 10 in the morning until 10 at night.


Keep in mind that depending on the day's activities, the Abandoned Chambers Marine Habitat's operation hours may change.

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Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket Price:

You may all take in different aspects of the underwater spectacle together. However, you need a unique pass. Prices for admission to the Abandoned Chambers Water Exhibit begin at 111 AED. This describes visiting a thrilling show about water in Dubai city. On the other hand, for roughly 254 AED per person, you may sign up for the incredible Snorkel Adventure.

Additionally, for about 468 AED per person, you can get a ticket that entitles you to go to both the renowned Aquaventure water park and the Mysterious Chambers underwater attraction. With this, you may enjoy the park's exciting rides and view the sea animals all on the same day. And it's less expensive.

Encounter to Explore at the Lost Chambers Aquarium


People adore the spectacular Deep Abyssal Marine Exhibit at Dubai's picturesque Envoy Hollow for its fascinating underwater adventures. You don't have to be able to swim to accompany children (at least six years old).

Dubai encourages family interaction by offering unique underwater excursions filled with fascinating marine life. Before you begin, you will receive instructions, before receiving your snorkel, mask, and assistance with staying afloat. As you float above the water and take in the incredible sights, the vibrant undersea world comes to life.

To make your time even better, you can choose to participate in Aquatrek, a truly fascinating activity in which you walk and breathe underwater. You use the Ambassador Lagoon for this, and they provide you with a special helmet for it. Just like its intriguing name suggests, this trip leaves you feeling incredibly thrilled- and excitement-filled.

2. Fish Tale

This unique exploration is for people who truly love learning and only takes place in English. You have the opportunity to observe up close how effectively they care for the more than 65,000 sea creatures that call this underground marine life education display home.

They'll also take you to the area inside where sick marine animals are treated and where newborns are delivered. Newborns grow up here, and those who have been here for a while receive special attention and care.

You'll spend the whole of the journey on the Envoy Lagoon's upper level. This makes it possible to see the aquarium clearly from the water's surface.

They'll also take you to the birthing area within the sea animal hospital. Here, the younger ones receive their meals while the older ones receive particular attention and care.

The entire ride takes place on the upper terrace of the Envoy Lagoon, giving you the best opportunity to observe the underwater panorama as it appears to boaters.

3. Aquarium Dives:

The marine museum offers several opportunities for daring explorers to go diving in this underwater valley. The Atlantis Dive Adventure is a fantastic option if you're new to diving and want something special.

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With the help of this program, you may get up close to tricky riddles and fascinating marine life, including many diverse species that dwell in the submerged metropolis of Atlantis. You also pick up useful skills.

Divers with experience can take pleasure in the peaceful breathing of a group while marveling at the beauty all around them. Additionally, they will observe the remains of a dive with just one tank.

The Apex Plunge is the pinnacle, painstakingly designed to captivate daring people seeking an adrenaline-fueled thrill. It offers a rare chance to feed the fourteen different kinds of sharks that live in Ambassador Lagoon.

4. The Haunted Chamber Parties:

All year long, Atlantis, The Palm, presents a tonne of festivities. One of them is the forthcoming All Hallows Eve Halloween celebration. Visitors to the renowned Halloween Gala at Atlantis are welcome to explore the Enchanted Chambers. You'll be astounded by fascinating marine life and have a great time with spooky costumes, late-night performances at the sea museum, and thrilling expeditions to locate delicious delicacies.

5. Aqua Theatre Shows:

Families with inquisitive children will love these underwater presentations since they allow participation. While you're in Dubai, your kids will be giddy with excitement, and knowledgeable divers will educate you all about diving and marine life. Everyone will enjoy watching the show's cool feeding demonstration at the finish.