Dubai Ferry - Explore the Golden City from Water

Posted On 01-Nov-2022

Through the outer ultimate guide, we necessarily are spoilt for choices when deciding on an ideal place for vacations. Dubai is counted as one of the cities that has increased like a centaur over the preceding few years. This is not just because it is on top of the most financially and scientifically developed towns on the planet. Meanwhile, the city of gold has also accepted unexpected places to feed the oppression of a new traveller.

The city’s quality is well ascertained in the commonwealth of the city's comprehensive water system. Separated from the established dhow cruise sightseeing and dinner. Also, with the fascinating water taxi, the golden city has presently enhanced its water outing subsidies to an elegant ferry ride around. Browse on to discover how to attend to the City of the future disentangle. Meanwhile, you grab an elegant boat for fun on the Dubai Ferry.

Dubai Ferry - A Detailed Discussion

Dubai Ferry

Dubai Ferry is a demonstration of the municipality’s resolute will to bring about the city of gold as a premium tourist destination on earth. It appeared in 2011 and originally planned to expand water avenue shipment by Transport and Road Officials.

Nowadays, with this entertainment, you glide aboard an elegant boat. The boat brings you to investigate the Dubai water canals. From Deira Creek to the Marina area, you increase a personal viewpoint of the sophisticated town from this traffic-free parkway.

You will get to select two classes of tickets which facilitates you to reserve them by your satisfaction desires. Having free access for kids under 5 years old. Besides, grabbing a boat on the Dubai Ferry is an excellent way to encounter the city of the future from the waters with your loved ones.

What is the Experience of Dubai Ferry about For?

The golden city of the United Arab Emirates is loaded with encounters. That may wander from rigorous to thrilling. If you are feeling that you should contain the fascinating rides in your program. Then these indicators should satisfy you:

  • The Dubai Ferry senses the primary regional things to do in Dubai. Such as the exploration of Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah. However, you will find no satisfactory direction to detect all of these temptations. As compared to the canals, away from the mind-blasting traffic of the region.
  • On the other side, the class Gold tickets allow you to grab a seat shortly after the guise of the cruise.
  • The class of Silver tickets authorise simple entry to the open deck of the cruise. no matter which ticket you buy, you're granted a phenomenal view of the ride.
  • The futuristic Dubai Ferry rides are vulnerable via wheelchair also. So that every visitor can be a factor in the encounter.
  • The on-deck snack bar brings about the experience of one of the top luxurious ones you have ever brought.


The Dubai Ferry presently has 5 aerodromes. You can get on or off at any of these 5 aerodromes. It depends on the highway you assign and the ticket you purchase.

Dubai Ferry Routes:

It is surrounded by the 5 Dubai Ferry aerodromes. Meanwhile, the best 3 are Dubai Canal Ferry, Marina and Ghubaiba Stations. Under are the parkways from each of the three ones.

The Routes Beginning From Dubai Marina:

11:00 AM, 1:00 PM & 6:00 PM are the following timing you may go for. The One-way excursion to Al Ghubaiba ends at the Water Canal of the city.

  • 3:00 PM is the Circular Tourist outing to Burj al Arab travel back to the stop
  • 5:00 PM is the trip circular to Atlantis the Palm and back to the stop

The Routes Beginning From Al Ghubaiba:

The timing is 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM and 6:30 PM. However, the One-way trip to the Marina area with a visit to Water Canals.

03:00 PM: Circular trips along with the Deira creek

05:00 PM: Circular trip head to Jumeirah Public Beach and back to the stop

The Routes Beginning From Dubai Canal Station:

The timings are 2:05 PM and 7:35 PM from the Dubai Canal to the stop Al Jaddaf

The other timing is 11:50 AM, 2:50 PM & 7:20 PM from the same starting point to Al Ghubaiba.

The timing is 11:50 AM, 2:50 PM & 7:20 PM from the similar starting point to Dubai Marina

Things you Must Know Before Head to the Dubai Ferry Ride


The frequency fluctuates, being sure of the highway and the number of visitors.

Ticket Costs:

  • The Gold Class ticket costs 75 AED
  • The Silver Class ticket costs 50 AED

Ticket Validity:

Since the purchased tickets have to be paid for in person just before getting on. The validity is only for 24 hours from the time picked.

Services Ondeck:

  • Kiosk selection for souvenirs and snacks.
  • There are plenty of Entertainment services. Such as Restroom facilities for Ladies & Gents, and 4 LCD Screens with inferior mobility.
  • The amazing access to academic videos, that are location-set off. Besides, it provides important advice about well-known temptations around you.

Honest Reviews:

If you prefer to encounter the city's skyline via water activity at economical prices. Then the Ferry ride is the best choice, as it is governed by Dubai public transport company. It is the best and most inexpensive opportunity as compared to costly indulgence yacht tours.

The ride Ferries do not have counselled excursions though. The cruises are modern, and the fastest have satisfactory air-conditioned seating. But the favourable perspectives are outside of the onboard. Numerous connected ways admit you glimpse the highest of sensations of the city. Such as the following sight views. I.e, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina & Water Canal, etc).

The cost for each path is approx 50 AED or 13 USD). The gold or silver class tickets can be obtained only at ticket departments at the positions of withdrawal. Paths and taxes are accessible online via the official website.

Beneficial Dubai Ferry Ride Tips:

  • If you're intending to purchase the tickets landscape. You need to ensure you reach out generously in improvement. As there is just a sole little kiosk and the tickets line can last up to 30 minutes. It is best instructed to buy the silver and gold ferry tickets online and save your precious time.
  • If you're getting at it difficult to identify the Ghubaiba Station. Also, inquire about the HSBC bank. As it is an assumed milestone in Bur Dubai.
  • If you have a moment, compression in an excursion to Bastakiya. The ancestry area of the city as it is almost a 20-minute stroll from the Ghubaiba Ferry Station.
  • Notice that round outings will barely operate if there are at least 10 visitors onboard.
  • The boats can be leased for your special events or private trip at any accessible moment between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Adverse weather situations may provoke the excursion to be abolished or chopped tight. If terminated, your ticket charges will be paid back.
  • Browse the weather before reserving your tickets. As it is relatively meaningless to put up with a Ferry ride in a day. From when the perception is short to when there is a sandstorm or other natural stuff.
  • Moment your ride around the evening to encounter the golden sky moistening the city skyline from the satisfaction of your cruise.